Bay County Sports Hall of Fame Mission:

Here to Honor the Legends of the Game

The Bay County Sports Hall of Fame is an organization devoted to the celebration and preservation of our sports history.

Statement of Purpose:

  • Select Candidates & Inductees – Establish & maintain a site for the Bay County Sports HOF
  • Solicit & acquire money, gifts & grants to support the activities of the Board of Directors & the Sports Hall of Fame
  • Sponsor, arrange & promote Annual Awards Banquet to honor new inductees into the Bay County Sports HOF

(As stated in the Bay County Sports HOF By-laws – Article II —  May 1990)

History of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame

by O. J. Cunningham

In May of 1990, Denny Hayes became the first President of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame … according to the Articles of Incorporation filed that year with the State of Michigan.

Hayes, a Minnesota native and a former English teacher at Bay City Central during the early 1970’s, was captivated by the sports enthusiasm and sports tradition he found in Bay County. In 1973, he bought the Green Hut tavern on Columbus Avenue on Bay City’s East side and set into motion a series of events that would eventually evolve into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame.

The earliest concept of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame presented itself in 1979 on the walls of the Green Hut when Hayes commissioned painter/artist, Dave Goss to produce almost life-sized murals for the walls inside the Green Hut. These murals depicted the sports accomplishments of Olympic Gold Medalist Terry McDermott, NFL legend Bill Hewitt and baseball’s most-celebrated pinch-hitter Jerry Lynch. Hayes, in effect, had started the Hall of Fame.

In those early years, according to Hayes, it was Dave Rogers, a Bay City Times editorial writer, who first proposed that the concept of the Hall of Fame be taken to a county-wide level to encourage a greater participation within the community.

Years passed with little activity. But in the Fall of 1989, the concept of the Bay County Hall of Fame was born again during a spontaneous meeting of Hayes, Rogers and Jerry Spencer. Weekly meetings followed as Tom Fallon, Frank Walsh, Herman Wolf, Barney Glowicki, Lee DeLorge and others became active members of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

Momentum continued and the group moved their meetings to the Bay County Community Center. In March of 1990, the original set of by-laws were written and adopted. In May of 1990, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Michigan and in August, through the efforts of Jerry Spencer, the Hall of Fame received formal 501 c (3) status as a non-profit organization operating in the State of Michigan. Hayes later stepped aside and Frank Walsh was elected by the original board of directors to serve as the first President.

Within two months, police officer Pete Kaczmarek, County Recreation Director Don Felske, Community Foundation Executive Glenda Kraft, former coach and school administrator Art Nixon, former Sports Page Publisher O.J. Cunningham, businessman Harold Rupp and others became board members.

On the third Saturday of October in 1991, the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame held their first induction banquet at the Broadway House in Bay City. Honored were: Bill Hewitt, Johnny Tews, Nancy Kiesel, Terry McDermott, Jerry Lynch, Art Bakeraitis, Al Baker and Elmer Engel. Each inductee received a plaque commemorating their Hall of Fame induction and a duplicate plaque was placed in the Hall of Fame display case in the Bay County Community Center on John F. Kennedy Drive in Bay City. The original one-panel display case was designed and constructed by Eberhard & Father Signworks in 1991. In 1993, two additional panels were added as the number of inductees increased.

In 1992, the Hall of Fame commissioned local Bay County Historian Les Arndt to produce a 100 Year History of Sports in Bay County. In 1993, a second, revised edition was published and distributed in the community. The book was used as a fund-raiser by the Sports Hall of Fame.

Lee DeLorge succeeded Frank Walsh as President of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors in 1992. Art Nixon served the next two terms as President (1993, 1994) and current President O. J. Cunningham was elected in 1995 and is currently serving his twelveth full term as President of the organization.

In 1994, the Hall of Fame Board of Directors initiated a scholarship program to benefit scholar/athletes in the Bay County School system. Each year, the Hall of Fame Scholarship Committee reviews applications from scholar/athletes and presents a $500 award to one student/athlete from each Bay County school. Schools include: Bay City Central, Bay City Western, Pinconning High School, Bangor John Glenn, Essexville Garber and Bay City All Saints. The program is now in its 17th year. Twenty-one thousand ($42,000) dollars has already been distributed to deserving scholar/athletes.

In 1996, the Hall of Fame recognized Bay City All Saints basketball teams (1974-75) for their back-to-back State Championship seasons. In 1997, the football Wolves of Bay City Central High School were enshrined for their Saginaw Valley and State Championships of 1958.

The team concept continues to be a part of the induction ceremony. The 1961 Bay City Handy High School Saginaw Valley and Class ‘A’ State Champions football team was honored in 1998.

In 1999, the ’68 John Glenn High School Class B Boys’ State Track Champions were honored along with the 1981 Bay County Colt League baseball team from 1981 that attended the Colt World Series in Hawaii.

In 2000, as the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame celebrates its 10th anniversary, the Pinconning Girls’ 1989 State Softball Champion team will be honored.

A plaque commemorating their induction will be presented to the school and individual awards will be presented to each member of the team.

———- Last Updated September 21, 2000

Bay County Sports Hall of Fame - Board of Directors

Jenni Thunberg


Dan McEvoy


Ned Kleinke


Lee Thompson



Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member

Sponsors & Patrons

The following individuals and local business firms were the original sponsor group who financially supported the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame.

The Bay County Sports Hall of Fame – founded in 1990 – will be forever indebted to their vision and generosity. We truly appreciate their assistance.

Lifetime Members

Become a lifetime voting member: Your $30 Lifetime Membership helps support our organization.

PayPal baycountysportshalloffame@gmail.com or mail form and check payable to Bay County Sports HOF to:

Bay County Sports Hall of Fame
PO Box 121
Essexville, MI 48732

Adamowski, Bob
Adams, Bill
Adams, Doug
Adams, Mark
Adams, Rod
Adcock, Tim
Adelman, Gary
Adelman, Melvyn
Mrs. Adelman, Gary
All Saints Athletic Club
Allsopp, Bill
American Amusement Vending
Anderson, Paul
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Steven
Anderson, Jill
Arsenault, Branden
Arsenault, Jason
Arsenault, Josh
Arsenault, Robert
Asel, Dale
Asel, Steve
Asel-Templin, Tammy
Atkari, Allen
Atkari, Chuck
Ayotte, Tim

George Babcock
Donald Bach
Tony Baciagalupo
Art Bakeraitis
M. Dolores Barron-Rogers
Kirk Bascom
Tim Bauer
Heather Bauman
Clint Beane
Jack Beattie
Darcia L. Beazley-Darbee
Wayne Beckrow
Majorie Begick
Norbert Begick
Vaughn Begick
Vera Begick
Cheryl Begick Ruthig
Group Beiser
Bill Bell
Carlie Bell
David Bell
Delbert Benson
John Berent
Gail Berg
Jerry Berg
Michael Bergen
Katie Bergeron
Don Bethune
Ed Bialek
Pat Bierlien
Jeff Bisel
Brian Bishop
William C. Biskner
Beth Blakeley
Char Blumenstein
Robert Blumenstein
Scott Blumenstein
Ray Boks
Thomas Bolduc
Joe Bommarito
Bob Bomount
Ryan Boon
BC Booster Club
Anthony Bosco
Tim Boutell
Mareen Brady
Pat Brady
Kathy Brannigan
Ed Brengman
Mike Brennan
Pat Brennan
Winifred F. Brennan
Karl Briggs
Nancy Brissette
Paul Brissette
Ralph Brissette
Stan Bromberg
Eric Brookhouse
Jay Brooks
Karen Brown
Alan L. Bryant
Jeff Bryant
Marjoray L. Buerkel
Brian Bukowski
Dr. Hilary Busch
John Busch
Laurie Bush

John Calvin
Pru Calvin
Ozzie Cavazos
George Charles
Jim Chesney
Paul Ciosek
Rose Cipriano
Dave Clark
Don Clark
Shirley Clemens
Edward Clements
Sherry Clements
Marshall Coggins
Linda Collier
Chris Connors
Esther Connors
Maureen Connors
Mile Connors
Jon Conway
Mark Conway
Perry Conway
Steve Conway
Jeff Cook
John Cook
Dick Corcoran
Vicki Courts
Mike Coyer
Tom Cramer
Chuck Craves
Brenda Crump
Dennis Cull
Christopher Cunningham
Donna Cunningham
O.J. Cunningham
Eric Curtis
Rick Czap

Gerald R. Dalrymple
Jon Dammer
Fran Danek
Paul Dannesberger
Bill Darbee
Bob Darbee
Dacia Darbee
Jayna Darbee
Kaylene Darbee
Kimble Darbee
Mike Darbee
Stacy Darbee
Don David
Robert Davidson
Frank A. Davis
Walt Davis
Dr. Michael Davison
Wendy Davison
Michael Debo
Joel DeLorge
Jim Deming
Karen Deming
Rock Denham
Bill Dewyse
Jeff Doan
Tim Dobrinski
Jimmie Dobson
Ledesma Domingo
Al Doner
Arthur Dore
Colleen Dore
Mike Dore
Al Doty
Merrilee Doty
Stefanie Doty-Wilson
Pat Doyle
Harold Drenberg
Ray Duch
Beth Ducolon
Larry Dull
Dale Dunham
Dru Dunham
Ty Dunham
Michael Duranczyk
Dinah DuRussel
Tom DuRussel
Andy Dwan

Lou Economou
Jim Eigner
Greg Elliot
Jay Elowsky
Chris Elzinga
Mark Elzinga
Elaine Embrey
Nicole Enciso
John Engel
Emily Engel Schubert
Dan Engelhardt
Phile Engelhardt
George Escamilla

Dr. Kevin Fegan
Matthew Felan
Katherine Feller
Kurt Feller
James G. Fitzgerald
David Flower
James Flower
Tim Floyd
Jon Foco
Ken Fowler
Jay Fox
Jim Fox
Franks Great Outdoors
Chuck Frantz
Morley Fraser
Randall Frederick
Gary Frieders
Rita Fryzel
Mark Furhman

Michael Gaken
Sue Gannser
Victor Gannser
Mary Garcia
Joe Garrett
Charles Gatza
Chris Gavrila
Ed Gavrila
Mark Gerisch
Rex Gibson
Chris Girard
Richard Glaza
Susan Glaza
Ed Gledhill
Charlie Glocksine
Don Glowicki
Gina Glowicki
Greg Glowicki
Sally Glowicki
Theresa Glowicki
Cindy Glowicki-Ohrt
Kim Glowicki-Ruterbusch
Eric R. Goetz
Brent Goik
Craig Goslin
Steve Goss
Marsha Gottesman
Martin Gottesman
Joel Gougeon
Geni Grant
Jerry Grant
Irene Green
Wendy Greenwood
Guy R. Greve
Ric Greve
Shelly Gromaski
Jerry Goss
Roy Groulx
Michael Gruber
Mike Grumbley
Amy Gruszynski-Geer
Andy Gwizdala
Bev Gwizdala
Gregory A. Gwizdala

Bud Hahn
Alan M. Hall
John Halstead
Ken Hamlin
James Hammond
Mike Hanisko
Rosalinn Hardy
Dick Harmon
Mike Harpham
Bill Harris
Don Harris
Jeff Hart
Bob Hartwig
Dick Hartwig
James Hartwig
Ed Harvey
Dennis Hayes
Bob Heinz
Tim Heinz
Jerry Henning
Wayne Herbolsheimer
Cheryl Heritier
Bill Herrera
Doug Herringshaw
Janeen Hetzler
Steve Hickner
Thomas Hickner
Roger Hill
Dale Hofmeister Jr.
Harold Holcomb
Eli Holes
Paul Holyszko
FW Horak
Mike Horner
Shelby Houston
Bill Howard
David Howard
James Howard
James Hoyle
Tom Huiskens
Dave Hunt

Mike Iannacchione
David Ivey
Michelle Ivey
Al Izykowski
Stan Izykowski

Judith Jaffe
Mark Jaffe
Davidson James
Mark Janke
John Jatczak
Jon Jeczmionka
Guy Jeffrey
Betty Johnson
J.K. Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Robert Johnson
Jerry Jones
T.K. Jones
Jerry Jopke
Bill Jurgens

Mrs. Marie Kaczmarek
Bonnie Kanicki
Jim Kanicki
Ben Karbowski
Edward Karbowski
Karen Karner-Michalak
Mike Kasperski
Connie Katt
Jim Katt
Mindy Katt
Robert Katt
Tom Kayner
Ken Keeley
John Kellerman
Glen Kendall
Barry Kenniston
Neil Kent
Steve Kent
Mike Kern
Steve Kessler
Bob Kinney
Thomas Kinney
Peter Kirchman
Anthony Klapish
Bob Klapish
Karen Klawinski
Larry Klawinski
Jack Klein
Kim Klein
Ned Kleinke
David Klippert
Ashley Kloha
Pat Kotewa
Andy Kowalczyk
Mary Krause
Tom Krawczyk
Don Krzysiak
Mark Krzysiak
Gerald Kukla
James Kurchak
Nicole Kurchak

Glenda Labadie
Lori LaFare
Mallory Lahar
Ed Langenburg
Jerry Langenburg
Kathy Langenburg
Scott Langenburg
Roland LaPan
Loreen Laracey
Mike LaRose
Mike Laskowski
Virginia Laskowski
John Laverty
D. Brian Law
Gerald Leahy
Richard Learman
Robert Learman
Jason LeCronier
James A. Lefler
Susan Leonard
Tim LeVasseur
John Ley
Kimberly Lock
Dean Lockwood
Bradley G. Lodewyk
John Loop
Tom Luczak
Carolyn Luptowski
Mike Luptowski
Oren Lusher
Sylvia Lusk
Brad Lynch
George Lynch

Bruce MacDonald
Jack MacKenzie
Maureen MacKenzie
Gene Magryta
Bill Mahoney
Eric Maillette
John Maillette
Paul Majchrzak
Ron Majeske
Michael Major
Robert Malecki
John Manke
Ruth Manke
William Marchlewicz
Keith Markstrom
Ken Marotzke
Larry Martin
Mr. Marx
Earl Mast
Elise Mast
Victor Matuszewski
Tom Matusezewski Family
Mari Mauro
David Maxin
Julie McCallum
Kenneth McComb
Terry McDermott
Tim McDonald
John McDonell
Nancy McGuire
Bob Meadows
Tom Merkle
Gary Meyer
Matt Mieske
David Mikolajczak
Ivan Miller
Jerry Miller
Keith Miller
Thomas Miller
Tom Miller
Sharon Mitchell
Kevin Mixer
Thomas Mohar
John Moltane
Mary Monville
Christy Morand
Donald Morey
John Morosi
Jon Morosi
Carol Morse
Randy Morse
Ron Morse
Dick Mosier
Larry Moultine
Isabel Mrozinski
Bill Muehlenbeck
Tom Muir
Richard Munley
Fred R. Murawski
Terry Musser

Robert Nagy
Roger Nagy
Allan T. Napieralski
Robbin Navarro
Fred Neering
Fred Neitzke
David Nelsen
Jack Nesbitt
Jim Nesbitt
Scott Newcomb
Jeff Newingham
Chad Newton
Dave Niedzielski
Lois Niemann
Rich Niemann
Art Nixon
Bart Nixon
John Nixon
Kevin Nixon
John Northrup
Gary Nuttal

Tom Olson
Charles O’Neil
Pat O’Shea
Dean Oswald
Monte Oswald
Betty Owen

Jean Pabalis
Tom Pacynski
Pete Pafford
Bruce Patterson
George Patterson
James Patterson
Catherine Pembroke
Chad Pembroke
David Pembroke
Jim Pembroke
John Pembroke
Kathy Pembroke
Tammy Pembroke
Thomas Pembroke
Jason Penberthy
Jame Peplinski
Joseph Pergande
Dave Petrosky
Verna Petrosky
Paul Pett
Judity Pfundt
Roger Pfundt
Penny Phelps
Paul Phillips
John Pike
Larry Potrowski
Carol Poirier
Dennis Poirier
Lem Pomaville
Kris Popp
Jerry Prieskorn
Denise Przepiora
Wayne Purtell

Cheryl Raab
Eugene Rademacher
Matt Rademacher
Paul Radlinski
Irene Rechsteiner
Rick Rechsteiner
Scott Rechsteiner
James D. Reed
Mike Regulski
Rick Revette
Jess Reynolds
Tom Rhule
Dean M. Richards
Jerry Ricker
Mike Rivard
Williams Robb
Mike Robertson
Charlie Rochow
David Rogers
Robert Rogers
Larry Rosenburh
Paul Rowe
Jane Rugenstein
Louis P. Rupff
Ozella Ruppersberger
John Ruterbusch
Mike Rybak

Kendra Sabourin
Fred Sagady
Thomas Sampson
Ashley Sanak
Jeff Sanak
John Sanford
Joe Sasiela
Jane Sauve
Danny Sawyer
Jay Schabel
Betty Scherzer
Dan Scheuerlein
Roy Schiller
Jeremy Schlitt
J.W. Schmidt
Joseph Schmidt
Greg Schultz
William Schultz
B.J. Schwartz
Charles Schwartz
Dave Schwartz
William Seabald
Bill Seidenstucker
Dr. David Seifferly
Jerry Seifferly
Dennis Serafini
Cyhnthia Shaheen
Dr. Douglas Sharp
Kerry SHarp
Ron Sharp
Robert (Mike) Sheck
Joe Sheeran
Kloha Shelby
Robert I. Sherman
Paul Shyposki
Cyril Sieveke
Mike Simstad
Bob Skinner
Dave Skinner
Bonnie Sloan
Alan Slowinski
Graig Smigiel
Susan Smigiel
Ann Smith
Faye Smith
John Smith
Krista Smith
Namon Smith
Robb Smith
Robbie Smith
Scott Smith
Tom Smith
Jim Smith Family
Jerry Snable
Dan SNover
Allison Sobczak
Art Spector
M.J. Spence
Mrs. Jack Spencer
David Spencer
Jane St. Martin
Michael J. Stachowski
Kyle Stahl
Pam Stahl
Bill Stange
Louie Stanley
Steve Stanley
Bill Stapish
Tom Stasik
Gary Steadman
Gary Stefaniak
Ron Stelter
Fritzi Stevenson
Jason Stewart
Jim Still
John Strachan
Greg Strutelberg
Harry Stumpos
Don Styn
Jeff Sugden
Julie Sullivan
Shaun Sullivan
Tom Sullivan
Lawrence Sundberg
Murray Sutherland
Todd Sutton
Richard Syring
Gerald Szaeranski
Jeff Szczepanski

Carl W. Tacey
Melissa Tacey
Brian Tally
Chris Tanner
Paul Tanner
Russ Tanner
Jack Tany
Sam Tany
Joe Tany
Gordon Taylor
Dave Techlin
Mike Thayer
Ken Thomas
Dell Thompson
Diane Thompson
Jeff Wolfman Thompson
Lee Thompson
Jennifer Thunberg
Todd Thunberg
Karen Tighe
Brandi Tilley
Don Tilley
Patrick Tobin
Tim Tobin
Joe Todey
Ben Tomke
Michael Toth
Jerry Toyzan
Michael Toyzan
Paul Travis
Art Trombley

Bob Urban
Leo Urban

Jerry VanAlst
Jeanne Vanderwill
Ward Vanderwill
John VanLaan
Lisa Vega
Byron Veit II
Mike Vieau
Mike Villano
Duaine Vogel
John Volk

Barry Wackerle
Neil Wackerle
Randy Wackerle
James W. Wagner
Tim Walker
Brad Walraven
Mike Walsh
Bill Walter
Bill Washabaugh
Norma Washabaugh
Christopher Watz
Brian Weaver
JoAnne Weaver
Brad Wehner
T.J. Weist
Paul Wellman
Barb Wendland
Howard Wetters
Keith Wetters
Carolyn Wierda
Barry Wiescinski
Clayton Wilhite
Christopher Willertz
Jeff Williams
Marge Williams
Michael Williams
Keith Wilson
Mary Wilson
Michael Wiltse
Gwen Windiate
Aaron Wing
Bethany Wirgowski
Mike Wisniewski
Girard Wolf
John Wolf
Rev. Wolf
Lynn Wolgast
Nancy Wonch
Marvin Wood
Kyle Woodruff
Bill Wright
Tom Wuepper

Christopher Young
Doug Young
Matthew Young

Adam Zanotti
Andrew Zanotti
C.J. Zanotti
Mark Zanotti
Dave Zielnski
Jack Zientak

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More about the goal of this organization…

Immortality …

Our Merriam-Webster dictionary defines immortal as the “quality or state of unending existence.”

The individuals and teams we are inducting into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame have all grabbed a speck of immortality. 

Thanks to the effort of all those involved in the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame, its Executive Board and their various committees, this year’s class has achieved a tiny taste of this unending existence by their induction into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame.

Many will follow in their footsteps. In the next decades, other plaques will join these on the walls of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame. Others will be honored. But no star will shine brighter. No smile will beam brighter. No heart will beat prouder than the inductees honored at this year’s ceremony.

In life, too often we fear that when we are gone, our families, our friends, even future generations will soon forget our accomplishments. But today, these honored inductees, like the inductees of the past sixteen years, have grabbed a speck of immortality.

The Sports Hall of Fame is a positive accomplishment in Bay County. It is a beacon that shines for every athlete, man or woman, young or old that has competed and achieved excellence. In the years to come, the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame will continue to serve as a lasting tribute to each and every athlete.

Maybe we can all walk a little prouder.   Perhaps we have all grabbed a speck of immortality.
Originally published in Bay County Sports Page, October 1983.
 By O.J. Cunningham
 Revised & edited for this publication

Nomination Criteria

You can now nominate a potential inductee via the internet!

Nomination is the first step to being inducted into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame (HOF). No matter how significant the accomplishments of a team or individual may be, a nomination is necessary in order for that person or team to be considered for induction to the HOF and then placed on the ballot.

It should never be taken for granted that someone will be inducted. Do not assume that since you know all of the details concerning the greatness of a past legend, that this information is well known to everyone. In the past seven years, members of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors have reviewed the files of hundreds of potential inductees. But there is no possible way that all files on all qualified inductees could be gathered.

The nomination process is easy. All that is required is to submit the name of the team or individual on a Bay County Hall of Fame nominating form. In many cases, the Bay County Hall of Fame Board of Directors Nomination Screening Committee will do its own research on the candidates. But it is helpful to include the name of a contact person on the nomination form if additional information is required.

Before submitting a nomination form, please read the following criteria:


All nominees must have outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of athletics. Nominees must either have been born in Bay County or achieved athletic greatness in Bay County.


  1. All-State
  2. All-American
  3. State Champions
  4. USA Champions
  5. World Champions


  1. Exemplary Service
  2. Coach-of-the-Year Award

Outstanding Service:

  • An individual who has made outstanding contributions.
  • Longevity alone is not a reason for ranking.
  • Excellence above the ordinary in their field of endeavor is required.
  • Should have a minimum of five (5) years involvements with the sport or sports.   


  1. Any individual who meets the outlined qualifying criteria may be nominated.
  2. Nominations must be made on official Bay County Sports Hall of Fame “Candidate” forms that will be available through the executive secretary, or through the internet nomination form. Once the forms are completed they must be returned with all available information regarding the candidate included.
  3. No individual inductee will be formally inducted without his/her approval or the approval of his/her family.
  4. Each selected nominee will be notified as soon as possible following selection.

Nomination Form

All nominees must have outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of athletics. Nominees must either have been born in Bay County or achieved athletic greatness in Bay County. 

Inductees by Year

  • Graduated All Saints 1987
  • All-State Kicker and Punter ’86 ’87
  • Four-year varsity starter at Ferris State University 88-91
  • Two time All-America Punter/Kicker 
  • NFL Preseason with Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons
  • CFL preseason with Toronto Argonauts 
  • Played a season in the XFL in 2001 with the San Francisco Demons. 
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!

Front Row:

  • D. Rechsteiner
  • T. Satowiak
  • A. Buss
  • J. LaFramboise
  • K. Buss
  • T. Olson
  • M. Esseltine

Back Row:

  • Ass’t Coach, M. Bohn
  • B. Waldie
  • R. Gorney
  • D. Foley
  • C. Randall
  • G. Majka
  • J. Gower
  • Coach, C. Pease
  • Information coming soon!
  • 54 total years coaching track & field
  • 30 total years coaching cross country
  • 5 Regional Track Championships Michigan
  • 22 Conference & Bay County Championships
  • 2A State Championship Colorado 2006
  • 2A State 2nd Place Colorado 2003
  • First Team All NEMC: 1987-88 and 1988-89
  • MVP NEMC: 1987-88 and 1988-89
  • MIVCA All State 2nd team in 1987-88 season, team finished in Top 4 and lost in the State Class B semi-finals
  • MIVCA All State 1st team in 1988-89 season, team finished second in State Class B finals
  • All Star team – 1989
  • First three – time NAIA All American for NU volleyball, including First Team in 1992
  • NAIA District 23 Player of the Year 1992
  • NAIA District 23 first team 1990, 1991, 1992
  • NAIA District 23 second team 1989
  • NAIA Mid-East Region CoSIDA Academic All American 1990, 1991, 1992
  • Holds Northwood University volleyball records for most assists in a career (5,523), most assists in a season (1,713), and assists per game in a season (13.6). Northwood averaged more than 30 wins per season in her career and posted a winning percentage of .781.
  • Northwood finished in the top 10 nationally in the NAIA all four years of her career, including a third-place finish in her junior (1991) season
  • She is a two-time member of the Northwood University Athletic Hall of Fame. First as a player inducted into the Class of 2008, and a member of the 1991 volleyball team (finished 3rd in the NAIA Nationals and best finish at a national event for any women’s team in school history ), inducted in 2019.
  • Information coming soon!
 Information coming soon!
  • In the 10th varsity football season at Essexville Garber, the Dukes delivered a season to remember for all time. Coach Ed Harvey’s squad powered to the first 9-0 record in program history, capturing the Northern B Conference crown. The nine wins still stands as the program’s single-season record. The Dukes went unblemished while outscoring the opposition 266-31. The defense posted four shutouts and no team scored more than once against them. Jim Mackey led the offense with 1,427 rushing yards.

  • T.L. Handy baseball had a proud postseason history, and this was the team that started it all. The Wildcats of 1975 pulled off a miraculous comeback in the district semifinal, then rode the momentum all the way to a state runner-up finish. Handy won its first district and regional championships behind the likes of Paul Nelson and Jim Davidson. Handy captured the Saginaw Valley League crown and finished with a 28-5 record that season under coach Dave Petrosky.

  • An eight-time All-American
  • One of the most-decorated performers in Oakland University swimming and diving history
  • 1992 John Glenn graduate placed ninth in the state as a senior
  • Won the GLIAC diving championship all four years on the 3-meter board
  • Placed among the top-10 in the nation in both dives each season
  • Bach helped her team capture two NCAA Division II national championships and post two national runner-up finishes
  • Inducted into the Oakland University Hall of Fame in 2009
  • For 25 years, Beaver carried the torch and showed the way for youth wrestlers of Bay County. He served as president of the Bay County Road Runners youth wrestling club, introducing hundreds of kids to the sport and paving the way to spectacular careers. He helped launch the Mid-Michigan Wrestling Association and the Northeast Michigan Wrestling Association, expanding opportunities for kids across the state. Beaver died in 2020 at the age of 77.

  • One of the winningest female athletes ever at Bay City Central, she rose to superstar status with the Ferris State University softball program. A two-time All-American and three-time all-Great Lakes Region first teamer, she led the Bulldogs to back-to-back World Series berths, including a third-place finish in 1998. The 1999 graduate rewrote the Ferris record book and still owns program highs with a .373 average, 277 hits, 193 RBIs, 19 triples and 31 home runs.

    The two-time academic all-GLIAC honoree is now a teacher and varsity softball coach at Lapeer High School. As a prep star, she sparked Central to stunning success on the softball field and basketball court. She led the 1995 softball team to the state semifinals with a 37-4 record while earning all-Saginaw Valley League and all-state honors. She led the basketball team to a 45-4 record and two district titles in her final two varsity seasons.

  • Few area players have taken their volleyball talents further than Morin, who starred at John Glenn and Western Michigan University then delivered a successful professional career. The 1996 Glenn grad was a three-time all-NEMC first-teamer and earned all-state as a senior.

    The 6-foot-1 middle blocker left a legacy at WMU, where she still ranks among the program’s top-10 in seven career stats, including 3.38 kills per set, 4.39 points per set, 406 total blocks and a .345 attack percentage. She garnered all-MAC honors three times, including first-team accolades as a senior in 2000. She earned invites to join the U.S. Olympic Training Center and the Pan-Am Games training team. She went on to play professionally in Austria for two years before competing in the Midwest Professional Volleyball Association and on the Extreme Volleyball Professional Tour.

  • The heart and soul of the Bay City Central volleyball teams that won back-to-back league, district and regional championships, she went on to become one of the all-time greats at Ferris State University. A four-year setter at FSU, she still ranks third in program history with 204 service aces and fifth with 3,443 assists. She was a two-time all-GLIAC honoree and earned all-Great Lakes Region honors in 1994, when she led the Bulldogs in assists and attack percentage.

    Holder of her optometry degree, she twice earned academic all-GLIAC honors. She was one of the state’s premier players during her days as a four-year varsity setter and middle hitter at Central. She was named to the all-state Dream Team as a senior in 1991, when she was selected Saginaw Valley League MVP. She led the Wolves to a 101-15 record over her final two seasons. She now serves as head volleyball coach at Bay City Western.

  • Rademacher went from playing quarterback at Western Michigan University in 1970 to teaching and coaching at T.L. Handy in 1971, and he’s been a fixture of the local football scene ever since. He spent 16 years on the sidelines at Handy, including as head coach from 1973-77, before joining the Central football staff for a 30-year run. He also assisted with basketball, baseball and track along the way, but Rademacher carved his niche on the gridiron. He was part of the 1994 staff that guided the Wolves to a state runner-up showing and was named Assistant Coach of the Year by the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association in 2014. A St. Johns native, he was a three-year letterwinner in football at WMU. The longtime Bay City educator currently serves on the Bay City Public Schools board of education.

  • An impact-maker on his community as a youth baseball, basketball and football coach, he carved a one-of-a-kind niche at Bay County Pony League. An iconic figure at Coryell Field for 25 seasons, he was chosen as head coach of the primary All-Star team most of those years. Bay County appeared in 22 North Zone tournaments and 12 World Series during his tenure. His 1998 team was the first Bay County team to qualify for the World Series in 15 years and his 2006 squad was the first to win at game at the ultimate level. He was presented the Joe E. Brown Fellowship Award for his dedication to youth last year. A longtime basketball and football coach at Bay City Western Middle School, he also served as the first head coach of the Delta College baseball program after helping launch the endeavor in 2009. A mentor to dozens of kids who went on to play college and professional baseball, Revette died in 2019 at the age of 66.

  • A blazing fast athlete with the strength to match, he starred on the track and football field at Bay City Central before lettering for three seasons with the Northwestern University football team. He ranked among the Big Ten’s top kickoff returners in 1989 with 19 returns for a 19.3 average. A situational running back, he ran for 237 yards and caught eight passes in his Division I career. In 1991, he was named Player of the Game in Northwestern’s 16-13 win over Michigan State. He earned first-team all-Saginaw Valley League honors as a 1989 Central graduate, rushing for 1,409 yards and 10 TDs in two varsity seasons.

    Smith was a rare talent on the track, winning the 1989 Class A state championship in the 100-meter dash. He also placed fifth in the state as a junior and led the 400 relay team to fifth as a senior. He set school records in the 400 and 3200 relays and broke the long jump record that was set 31 years earlier by his Hall of Fame father Namon Smith.

A champion everywhere he roams, Vrable shattered records at Bay City Central then stood at the heart of one of the top college baseball teams in the nation at Coastal Carolina. The 2003 Central product set school records for hits and stolen bases in a career and finished among the leaders with 21 pitching wins. He batted .515 with 44 RBIs as a senior while leading the Wolves to their first Saginaw Valley League title in 19 years. The two-time all-stater also quarterbacked Central to two playoff berths in football. After leading Grand Rapids Junior College to the NJCAA World Series crown in 2004, he transferred to Coastal Carolina, helping the Chanticleers to the Big South Conference championship and a school record for wins. He led the team in batting average and stolen bases in 2006 and set program records for assists and putouts as a second baseman in 2007. He is now assistant coach at the University of Louisville, where he has helped the Cardinals win four ACC titles and make two World Series appearances.
  • 1986 Essexville Garber
  • Class B state championship in high jump in 1985 and 1986.
  • His leap of 6 feet – 9 inches still stands as the area record
  • He also owns the Garber long jump record at 22-1.5’
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • Holds High Jump Morley Field record of 6-11.
  • NAIA indoor High Jump National Champion in 1987 and 1989.
  • Badour was a four-time all-American in the high jump and capped his career in 1990 as an NCAA all-American in the decathlon.
  • Badour is also one of Garber’s all-time basketball greats, scoring 807 varsity points and leading the Dukes to a program-best 20-2 record as a senior while earning honorable mention all-state.

  • The “Elmer Engel” of Bay City Central Wrestling
  • Bishop has been a fixture on the Central sports scene for 40 years.
  • Varsity Wrestling Coach – 26 seasons, posting a 508-268-4 dual record from 1989-2014.

He helped produce 63 Bay County champions, 39 Saginaw Valley League champions and 15 state medalists, including 1996 state champion Eric Johnson. 

  • Bishop led the Wolves to five SVL titles and four district crowns. 

  • Assistant Bay City Central football coach – posting a 203-97 record with eight SVL championships as an assistant coach since 1983. 

  • Bishop served as head JV coach the past 12 seasons.
  • He also spent 15 years as a track and field coach.
  • As a 1980 Central graduate, he excelled in football and wrestling and went on to play football at Albion College.
  • A baseball standout at Bay City Western and Central Michigan University,
  • Dunham was named one of the state’s top 25 players from the past 25 years by MLive.com.
  • Dunham was a dominant force as a 2001 Western graduate, 2-time Saginaw Valley League MVP honors. He batted .395 for his four-year varsity career, cranking 20 home runs with 153 RBIs.
  • Pitching – The 6-foot-4 right-hander posted a 22-4 record with 315 strikeouts and a 1.66 ERA.
  • A first-team all-state selection and MHSBCA Dream Teamer, he was selected for the Comerica Park All-Star Game.
  • He went on to similar success at CMU, where he established himself as one of the program’s all-time greats.
  • A first-team all-MAC and all-region pick, he ranks first in program history with 349 innings pitched, second with 274 strikeouts and 10th with 22 wins for his career.

  • Johnson was a rugged player in the trenches – one of the stars of the Bay City Central football powerhouse of the 1960s.
  • At 6-foot-3, 230 pounds, he dominated the line of scrimmage while earning all-Saginaw Valley League and all-state.
  • Johnson helped power the Wolves to an 8-1 record and a conference crown while being named team MVP in 1963.
  • Johnson went on to letter for three seasons at the University of Michigan.
  • He earned honorable mention all-Big Ten as the starting defensive tackle in 1965, playing alongside Bay County Sports Hall of Famers Clayton Wilhite and Ken Wright.
  • Johnson later served as U-M freshman line coach under Bump Elliott and then Bo Schembechler while earning two master’s degrees.
  • He has since served on numerous committees for the Michigan State Board of Education and has been a key proponent for Native American education issues.

  • Few can match the softball resume of the Pinconning High School and Grand Valley State University star.
  • Mackson Rivera delivered perhaps the single greatest softball game in state championship history in 2000, pitching a no-hitter for eight innings then blasting a walk-off home run to give Pinconning a 1-0 win over Wyoming Rogers for the Class B crown.
  • She was a first-team all-state player and led the Spartans to four NEMC and four district titles.
  • She ranks among the state’s all-time softball pitching leaders with 104 wins, 1,419 strikeouts, 73 shutouts, 32 no-hitters and a 0.40 ERA.
  • Her dominant career continued at GVSU, where she remains the all-time leader with 103 wins, 58 shutouts, a 0.67 ERA and 1,015 strikeouts.
  • She was the GLIAC Player of the Year in 2002 and 2003 and led the Lakers to four NCAA Regional appearances.
  • She also pitched professionally for the Lady Explorers and served as an assistant coach at Grand Valley State.
  • Longtime local youth baseball coach, Mike Regulski became the Bay City All Saints varsity baseball coach just days before the start of the 1999 season.
  • The longtime local youth coach stepped forward when needed and promptly led the Cougars to a state runner-up finish — and a statewide powerhouse was born. 

  • Regulski turned All Saints into a state tournament final four regular, highlighted by state championships in 2000 and 2008.
  • The Cougars reached Battle Creek for the semifinals seven times. 

  • Regulski’s teams captured 12 district championships and nine regional crowns and rattled off five Greater Thumb West titles. 

  • Coach Regulski retired following the 2015 campaign with a 409-198 record in 17 seasons at the helm.
  • He ranks sixth among all-time Bay County baseball coaches for career victories.
  • His final victory was an upset of No. 1-ranked and defending state champion New Lothrop in regional play.
  • Scherzer was one of the most highly regarded softball players on the women’s fastpitch scene during a sparkling 28-year career.
  • She led her teams to national prominence. A powerful cleanup hitter who doubled as the pitching ace, Scherzer excelled at the highest level while competing in seven national championships.
  • She was a two-time national fastpitch tournament MVP, leading Danny’s Market to the title in 1975 and sparking a runner-up finish in 1977 while going 6-0 and batting a tourney-high .464.
  • She also threw a 15-inning gem in the 1976 national and a one-hitter in the 1979 national.
  • During a career that spanned 1956-84, she was part of nine state championship teams, including Amelith St. John in 1958, 1959 and 1960, Drewry’s in 1962 and 1963 and Danny’s Market in 1974, 1975 and 1977.
  • She closed out her fastpitch career by pitching a Saginaw-based team to the 1984 Class B state title.
  • A retired math teacher, she also coached youth softball and varsity softball at Freeland High School.
  • All Saints was quickly establishing itself as a basketball school, but the football team was hungry to make its mark. It did just that in 1972, rolling to an undefeated, untied 9-0 season. Under an all-Hall of Fame coaching staff of head coach Ray Dombroski and assistants Jeff Bisel and Tom Sullivan, the Cougars were nothing short of perfect. They won four games by shutout and outscored the opposition 217-62. With the advent of the playoff system, 1972 would be the first, last and only All Saints football team to finish with an unbeaten record.

    The roster included Larry Adamczyk, Frank Bontumasi, Mike Deming, Craig Dryzga, Gary Evans, Mark Gorney, Gary Goslin, Mike Haglund, Bill Harris, Stan Izykowski, Mike Janowicz, John Kubczak, Paul Leinhart, Danny Martinez, Tim Michalak, Dan Pawlak, Ron Skrocki, Greg Smerdon, Mike Smerdon, Mike Supernaut, Pat Sutton, Mark Talaga, Mark Trahan, Scott Villaire, Bob Witucki and Melvin Wood.

  • In the first season of the MHSAA baseball tournament, the Pinconning Spartans proved to be among the best in the state. After struggling through the regular season, the team caught fire behind pitchers Jack Dora and Rick Rudrow and rolled all the way to the Class B title game. Coach Art Krawczyk’s squad came up one win short of winning it all, settling for state runner-up.

    The team of Ken Ayers, Jerry Basel, George Dora, Jack Dora, Rod Filcek, Jerry Gobrogge, Leo Groh, Jerry Krevinghaus, John Lambert, Dick Laur, Rich Meyette, Wayne Moore, Scott Pickvet, Rick Rudrow, and Marty Schultz and assistant coach Ted Chapman set the standard for years of success in the Pinconning program.
  • After an 0-5 start to the season, nobody could have figured 1989 would have a historic finish for the Delta College men’s basketball team. But the Pioneers put it all together and went all the way, capturing the school’s first National Junior College Athletic Association championship.

    The team had a Bay County touch to it, with head coach Mike LaRose and assistant Jim Deming along with players Paul Hardy and Todd Krager. Now, 30 years after their championship, the Pioneers are reuniting in the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Read the Mlive article, here.

  • 1984 Consensus 1st Team All-State (Garber H.S.) Football Class B
  • 1984 Class B Golden Helmut Football Player of the Yr
  • Essexville Garber All-Time Leading Rusher & Scorer
  • Little All-American Honorable Mention (Adrian College) 1988 & 1989
  • 1st Team All MIAA Football (Adrian College) 1988-89
  • MIAA League Football MVP (Adrian College) 1988
  • Adrian College Football Team Captain 1989
  • Central Michigan University- 4 year Varsity letterman in the long jump and triple jump. Set school records for both the indoor and outdoor triple jump.
  • Garber High School- Boys Track & Field Coach for 39 years (1975-2013)… 36 years (1978-2013) as Head Coach.
  • Garber High School- Boys Cross Country Head
  • Coach for 27 years (1986-2012).
  • Garber High School- Boys Freshman Basketball Coach for 11 years (1975-1985) and JV Basketball Coach for 7 years (1986-1992).

  • Has Competed in Championship Fight of Every Bay County Golf Tournament Since 1968.
  • Bay County Golf Champion 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1989
    Six-time Bay County Golf Tournament Runner-up
  • Overall Senior Bay County Golf Champion 3 times and Division winner 7 times
  • Has represented Bay County Golf Course in all Halub Cup events and is team’s all-time leading point earner
  • Golf Instructor (20 Years) for Essexville Community Education 1973-1993
  • Number One golfer at St. James High School for 3 seasons

  • 2002 Inducted Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame
  • 21-Year Coaching Career at Pinconning High School
  • 2012 Inducted into NEM League Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Coached High School Baseball All-Star Game at Comerica Park 2005
  • 1972-1973 – Played College Baseball at Mott Community College
  • Batted .467 (1973) at Mott CC (4th in the Nation)
  • Drafted by Milwaukee Brewers 1972
  • Drafted by Kansas City 1974
  • Signed with Philadelphia Phillies 1974

  • 1980 – USGA Amateur sectional qualifier – co-medalist
  • 1984 – Michigan Amateur Championship – winner
  • Golf Association of Michigan Player of the Year
  • 1990 – GAM Championship – winner
  • GAM Tournament of Champions – winner
  • 1991 – Michigan Mid-Amateur Championship – winner
  • USGA Amateur – sectional qualifier
  • 1995 – GAM Championship – winner
  • Member – USGA State Team Championship team
  • 2010 – GAM Senior Four Ball Championship – winner (partner: George Dillon)
  • 2014 – GAM Senior Four Ball Championship – winner (partner: Randy Lewis)
  • 2016 – GAM Senior Four Ball Championship – winner (partner: Randy Lewis)
  • Other: Michigan Amateur Championship – qualified for match play 17 Times
  • 10 times on Golf Association of Michigan Honor Roll designating the Top 10 amateur golfers in the State of Michigan …Total of 8 state titles
  • 12-time Club Champion – Bay City Country Club
  • 1992, 1993, 1994 – Bay City Central …Led the Wolves to a 78-16 record and 3 District titles
  • Bay City Central’s all-time scoring leader
  • Ranks 2nd in Bay County Girls’ Basketball scoring with 1,698 points
  • 1993 & 1994 – First-team All-Saginaw Valley League
  • 1993 & 1994 – 1st Team All-State & Academic All-State
  • 1994 – Miss (Michigan) Basketball Nominee
  • Set Bay City Central long jump record in Track and Field
  • Four-year letter winner for Hillsdale College 1996-1999
  • 1999 – All GLIAC Hillsdale – Captain and leading scorer as a Senior and remains one of the Hillsdale program’s all-time assist leaders with 304
  • Bay City All Saints 1984-1987
  • Basketball, First team All-State: 1986
  • Softball, Honorable Mention All-State: 1986 
  • First Team All-State: 1987
  • University of Toledo, 1988-1991
  • 3 time all mid-American Conference Honoree as a catcher
  • Played on 1989 University of Toledo’s Mid-American Conference and Regional Championship teams
  • Member of 1989 College World Series Team (Finished 7th in the Nation)
  • Mid-American Conference 2nd Team, 1991
  • Mid-American Conference All-American Team, 1989-1991

  • St. Boniface
    • 1968 MVP 8th Grade Parochial League Basketball Champions.
  • Bay City Central High School
    • (3-Sports, 10 Varsity Letters)
    • FOOTBALL – 2-way Player on 1972 “Class A” State Champs
    • Honorable Mention All-Valley (West) – (4 Year Record 31-2-2)
    • BASKETBALL – 1973 Eastern Valley League 1st Team All-Star
    • Avg 24.2 PPG. (40-18 record in 3 varsity seasons.)
    • 1973 Track & Field – Bay City Central School Records Shot Put (51 ft 10 in) & 440 relay (44.6 seconds)
  • Purdue University
    • 3-year starting tight end (1974-1976) Played Key Role in the ‘76 stunning upset of #1 Ranked U of M (16-14)
    • Inducted into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame in Football for the 1972 Michigan Class A State Football Championship Team with a record of 9-0-0.
  • Co-Director – The annual Engel Stadium Dennis Wirgowski Free Youth Football Camp
  • TEAM MEMBERS ARE: Stacy Billingsley Jesse Camen Naomi Douglas LeeMarie Foco Bridget Foor Angie Gutchak Kristi Koscielski Megan Knochel Megan Lefevre Jenny Mackson Adrianne Offenbecker Laurinda Perkins Rachel Protasiewicz Jackie Skuta Janelle Whitney Dale Billingsley, head coach Mike Horner, assistant coach Keith Fegan, assistant coach Pete Martini, assistant coach
  • The 1965 Bay City Visitation football team played under head coach Wayne Fontes and consisted of (Alphabetically) Dick Bloenk, Butch Derosier, Mark Dubay, Terry Dubay, Dan Gavrila, Eddie Gavrila, Mike Hadd, Mark Halin, Bob Helie, Bill Hodgkinson, Denny Mahoney, Bob McFarland, Jim McParland, Tom Miller, Don Norgan, Guy Periard, Mark Petrimoulx, John Ploechel, Darrell Revette, Mike Rivard, Ed Roznowski, Tom Satkowiak, Mike Sheck, Mike Tarkowski, Keith Volk, and Rick Welters. (Bay City Times file photo)
  • Taught and Coached in Bay City Schools 40+ Years
  • Coached Football, Basketball and Track
  • Inducted Into the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan Hall of Fame 2011
  • Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Assistant Coach of the Year 1994
  • Public Address “Voice of the Warriors” – Bay City Western (Basketball, Football, Baseball & Track)
  • Public Address “Voice of the Timberwolves” – Northwood University
  • Inducted Into the Northwood University Sports Hall of Fame 2016 (Football, Basketball)
  • One of the first big stars to come out of the Bay City Central football program, Auer went on to acclaim as a player and a coach.
  • The 6-foot-1, 205-pounder was a two-way tackle at the University of Michigan.
  • He served as a starter all three of his seasons from 1929-31, playing alongside fellow Central grad and future Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Hewitt.
  • Auer helped the Wolverines win Big Ten title shares his final two seasons, earning first-team all-conference as a senior. He would play one season with the Philadelphia Eagles and also spent time with the Chicago Bears.
  • He went on to become a legendary high school coach at Flint Central, directing the Indians from 1939-53.
  • He produced an 83-39-5 record, winning four Saginaw Valley League titles and the 1947 Class A state championship.
  • The Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Famer died in 1985 at age 77.
  • 1983 & 1984 Essexville Hampton Little League Softball State Champion
  • 1986 & 1987 All State All Saints Softball
  • 1988 & 1989 NAIA Softball National Championship All-Tournament Team
  • 1989 SVSU Softball NAIA National Champions
  • SVSU Career Stat Leader In the Following Categories:
    — At Bats 638 (2nd), Hits 223 (2nd), Runs 146 (2nd), Stolen Bases 74 (2nd) and Batting Average .350 (3rd)
  • 2016 Assistant Coach MBS Jets 16/Under Girls NSA Class A World Series Champion
  • The 1983 All Saints graduate has spent the past 25 seasons coaching big-time college football, serving as assistant coach in programs such as Michigan, Alabama, Indiana and Cincinnati.
  • He has had two stints as interim head coach at the Division I level, guiding UConn for eight games in 2013 and leading South Florida to a 46-39 overtime victory over South Carolina in the 2016 Birmingham Bowl.
  • He mentored 16 NFL receivers while serving primarily as a wide receivers coach and offensive coordinator during his tenure.
  • He was on Jack Harbaugh’s staff when Western Kentucky captured a Division 1-A national championship in 2002 and served as an offensive analyst for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan in 2015.
  • Weist played football and basketball at All Saints before joining the University of Alabama football team as a walk-on receiver.
  • He took part in three bowl games and lettered as a senior at Alabama.
  • Essexville St John – 1958 (4 Years Basketball & Baseball)
  • Bay City Junior College All State – Baseball
  • Graduate Central Michigan University
  • Coached – 15U – Girls Softball – Three State Championships and 3rd Place World Series Finish
  • ASA 16U – Two State Championships
  • ASA 18U – Two State Championships
  • High School Coach: Three State Championship Appearances
    — Two Championships & One Second Place Finish
  • Coached – Two Top Ten ASA Teams
  • Coached Boys Baseball in Puerto Rico
  • Coached Girls Softball in Hawaii, Australia, Netherlands, & Belgium
  • Coached at Saginaw Valley State University — Most Wins in History Of SVSU Softball
    — 96% Graduation Rate
  • Instrumental in Assisting Many Athletes to Advance to the Collegiate Level
  • Bay City Western High School State Wrestling Champ 1974
  • University of Michigan 4 Year Letterman 1974-1978
  • Captain University of Michigan Wrestling Team 1978
  • 4th Place Finish in the Big Ten Wrestling 1977
  • Saginaw Valley State University Head Wrestling Coach
    — Top 20 National Finish
    — 3 All Americans 1980-1983
  • Founder of MBS Jets Girls Softball Organization
  • National title: 2010 USBC Open Championship – Team All-Events Champion
  • Michigan Majors Bowling Association:
    • Most (26) Career Titles (5 titles won in 2015)
    • 22 Second Place Finishes
    • MMBA Triple Crown Winner
    • 4-Time Bowler of the Year
    • 2010 High Average of 242
  • MMBA Hall of Fame Inductee 2003
  • Northern Michigan Majors 9 Career Titles (Career High Series 878) (High Average 245)
  • Over 100 Perfect Games (300)
  • Association High Average Winner 11 times — 28 times Top Ten Average — 26 Time All-Star Team
  • Numerous League and City Tournament Championships
  • A standout player who became a standout coach,
  • Toyzan was a fixture on the local sports scene for five decades. The 1952 Bay City Central graduate excelled in football, basketball, and baseball. He led the city in points scored while earning all-Saginaw Valley League honors as a halfback in football.
  • He lettered four seasons as a defensive back in football and as an outfielder in baseball at Central Michigan University. He returned to Bay City and coached high school football at Central for 33 years, serving as freshman and JV head coach and varsity assistant.
  • A Little League, Pony League and American Legion baseball coach in the summer, he was varsity head coach at Central for 13 seasons, winning the school’s first district title in 1977.
  • He also coached freshman and junior varsity basketball at Central and served brief stints as varsity coach at Central and Handy.
  • Four-Year Starting Setter and Four-time Team Captain with Northwood University Volleyball
  • Three Time NCAA Division II Volleyball All American at Northwood
  • Four-time First Team all GLIAC performer
  • GLIAC Player of the Year as a Senior (Also – Top Three Finalist in Voting All 4our Years at Northwood)
  • Pinconning High School Volleyball — Four-Year Class B All-State Setter
    • Three-Time Most Valuable Player
    • Three-Time Team Captain
  • Pinconning High School Basketball
    • A Dream Team Basketball Player leading Pinconning to a district title in 1998.
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Played fast pitch softball for 28 years and won Classes A B C & D Fast Pitch State Championships; placed 3rd at National Finals in Fargo, North Dakota
  • Started competitive Basketball for girls in Bay City Intermediate Schools
  • Coached High School and Intermediate Softball, Basketball, Volleyball and Track & Field for Bay City Public Schools
  • Inducted twice into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame in Softball as a team player for White’s Drive Inn and Cubby’s Bar
  • Coordinated, planned and organized the installation of lights and water at Defoe Park for Girls Softball
  • 1981 – U.S.B.A Light-Heavy Boxing Champion
  • 1982 — Moved to Bay City, started a family and set up training camp to advance boxing career
  • 1984 – I.B.F.  World Super Middleweight Champion and U.S.B.A Super Middleweight Champion
  • 2014 – Honored at the I.B.F/U.S.B.A. Convention in Atlantic City for being the Inaugural  I.B.F. Super Middleweight Champion
  • Career Record – 49-13-1 (40) KO’s
  • Greatest Accomplishment – “My Family”
  • 1991: MHSAA First Team All-State (B.C. Central)
  • 1991: Most Valuable Player MHSAA All-Star Game *Scored Upper Deck Home Run at Tiger Stadium
  • 1994 and 1995: McNeese State Home Run (31) and RBI (118) Record Holder; 1ST Team Southland Conference
  • 1995: Candidate – NCAA Baseball Player of the Year
  • 1995: 17th Round Draft Pick – Baltimore Orioles
  • 1995-1998: Hit .252 and Scored 42 Home Runs with the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  • Member of Bay County Pony League since 1974. Have held offices of Secretary, President, and Treasurer.
  • Pony Baseball/Softball Field Director, Region Director, Division Director, and Member of International Board of Directors.
  • Joe E. Brown Fellowship Award from Pony Baseball (1991), North Zone Director of the Year (1998), and member of Pony
  • Baseball Wall of Fame (2008).
  • Essexville Garber Football Coach (1978 – 2013).  Held many positions including Head Coach.
  • Essexville Garber Junior Varsity Baseball Coach since 1978. 
  • Awarded Assistant Coach of the Year by the Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association in 1991.
  • 1965 – St. Mary High School Father Cahill Scholar-Athlete Award
  • 1966-68 United States Navy Seabees – Two Vietnam Tours – Purple Heart Medal
  • State Championships Made Rite 72 and 79 AUL 77 83 and MVP ASA 1980
  • 1979 – ISC World Champion Saginaw Bolters – Designated Hitter
  • 1979 – Play or Coach in 5 ASA National and 7 ISC World Tournaments
  • 1984 – Mt. Morris High School Class B State Champions Class B Coach of the Year
  • Thirty (30) years of coaching football and basketball in Bay County (St. James, St. Stanislaus, All Saints and John Glenn)
  • Assistant Coach with the Bay City All Saints 1974 and 1975 State Boys Basketball Championship Teams
  • Associate Head Coach with the Delta College 1989 NJCAA Men’s National B-Ball Championship Team
  • Coached 11 current Bay County Sports Hall of Fame members
  • Nine (9) years as Athletic and Recreation Director of Bangor Township Schools
  • Served on the MHSAA Football, Swimming and Scholarship Committees
  • Participated in Golden Gloves for 5 years
  • Coach, Trainer and Manager of World Champion – Super Middleweight, Murray Sutherland
  • Coach, Trainer and Manager of World Champion and Heavyweight, Earnie Shavers
  • Originator of the Nationally known “Toughman Contest”
  • Sponsored amateur boxing in Bay City/Bay County for 55 years
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • 3 Sport Athlete – John Glenn High School – 10 Varsity Letters
  • Class A All State Swimming 1988
  • Area Leader in Every Individual Swimming Event – 1988; only time this ever happened in area history
  • Undefeated in Dual Meets and Invitationals Junior and Senior Seasons
  • Michigan State University Varsity Swim Team – 1988-1992
  • Varsity S Club Member
  • Head Coach – East Lansing High School, Okemos High School, John Glenn High School
  • Career Head Coaching Record – 117-10
  • Coached 35 All State Swimmers and Divers
  • Coached 6 All American Swim and 5 Individual State Championships
  • Coached 31 Conference Championships
  • SVSU Men’s Bowling Coach for 22 Years
  • Took Team to 18 National Tournaments
  • 12 Top 3 Finishes
  • 4 National Championships – 1991-1992-2006-2007
  • Coached 24 All Americans, 7 PBA Bowlers and 3 National MVP Bowlers
  • Inducted in the Michigan State Bowling HOF in 2013
  • Inducted into SVSU Sports HOF September 2015
  • 1990 MSBA HOF and Man of the Year
  • Bay City Bowling HOF in 1991
  • Started all 23 games in 2000 and 2001 at Michigan State University
  • Named MSU Co-Special Teams Player of the Year 2001
  • Academic All-Big Ten in 2000 and 2001 and Academic All-American Nominee in 2001
  • Rated the #1 Long Snapper in College Football 2001; Signed by the Washington Redskins in the 2002 NFL Draft
  • Received 8 Varsity Letters at Western High School in Football, Wrestling & Baseball
  • Football 1996 Team Captain, 1st Team All-Saginaw Valley, Golden Helmet Recipient, Midland Area Dream Team, Detroit Free Press All State and Starter in the East/West All Star Game
  • Wrestling Four-Year Starter at Heavyweight, 1996 Team Captain, Two-Time All-State (4th Place in 1997), 133 All-Time Wins
  • 1996-1997 Western High School Scholar Athlete of the Year and Detroit Free Press Scholar Athlete
  • 2 Time All State Baseball Garber High School
  • 1978-79 Golden Helmet Co-Player of the Year
  • 1980 Connie Mack World Series Champion and MVP of Tournament (Means Stamping)
  • Division 1 Oral Roberts University – 3rd Team All American
  • 2nd Person to Hit a Home Run over Center Field Green Monster at Texas Stadium Off Roger Clemens
  • Drafted in 7th Round – Cincinnati Reds 1983; Played 6 years for the Reds, Reaching AAA
  • Won 3 Championship Rings in Minor Leagues
  • 2 Time Team MVP – Honored at Last Game of the Season – Riverfront Stadium
  • Garber Varsity Baseball Coach 1973-1998
  • Varsity Record, 494-242 – Record Unbroken for 19 Years
  • Conference Championships 1978-1979-1980-1981-1982-1983-1985-1986-1987-1988-1990-1991 and 1995
  • District Championships 1993 and 1994
  • Regional Championship 1993
  • Class B Coach of the Year 1993
  • Regional Coach of the Year 1993
  • District Coach of the Year 1985-1987 & 1993
  • Michigan High School Athletic Association Sportsmanship Award 1993 and 1994
  • Garber Baseball Teams Finished in the Top 10, Six Times
  • Inducted into the Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame 1992
  • Coached MHSBCA All Star Game 1991
  • Coached Many All State, Division 1, Division II Players and One Professional Player
  • Legendary Lifetime Pinconning Sports Booster and Distinguished Community Volunteer
  • 50 Year+ Volunteer Member Pinconning Spartan Sideline High School Football “Chain Gang”
  • 2012 – Pinconning Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year
  • 2012 – Pinconning Spartan Booster Club President
  • Named Honorary Member of the High School Football Coaches Association
  • 1958 – Golden Gloves Boxer
  • 1956 – Member of NEMC Champion Pinconning Spartan High School Football Team
  • Two Time National Silver Gloves Boxing Champion
  • Played in Pony, Colt, and Connie Mack World Series
  • High School All-American Dream Team in Baseball
  • Drafted 5th Round Cincinnati Reds in High School 110 Pick Overall
  • Started as a Freshman at the University of Michigan
  • Drafted by Chicago Cubs – Played Four Years in the Minors
  • Professional Walleye Angler for 13 Years
  • 48th Year of Coaching in Bay City (St. Stan’s, All Saints, BC Central and BC Handy High Schools) Still Active
  • Honored in 2014 as Assistant Coach of the Year by the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association
  • Honored in 1999 by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan for 300 Victories
  • Coached 11 Current Hall of Fame Members
  • Awarded 10 Varsity Letters at Bay City St. Mary’s High School – First Team All-Conference Football 1962
  • Son of Hall of Fame Coach Jack Sullivan
  • Original Member of South Bend Blue Sox 1943
  • Blue Sox Were Part of the All American Girls Pro Baseball League
  • Graduated BC Junior College
  • Ruth Has Her Own Baseball Card
  • Inducted MLB HOF at Cooperstown
  • Pitched for Valpo Queens & Men’s Teams During WWII
  • Track Phenom at Western 1991-93
  • Saginaw Valley Hurdle Record — 100m & 300m
  • State Indoor Hurdle Champ 1993
  • All-State & Midwest Champion in 1993
  • Set Pentathalon, Heptathlon & Mile Relay Records at WMU
  • Set Heptathalon Records at WMU
  • 1st Team All White Pine Conference Baseball
  • 4-Year Letter-Winner at Saginaw Valley 1979-1982
  • 23+ Years Baseball Head Coach at John Glenn
  • Has Coached the Most Baseball Wins in Bay County History
  • State Baseball Coach of the Year 1992
  • MHSBCA Hall of Fame Inductee 2004
  • 2001 Jr. National Champion, 2-Time Junior World Team Member 2002-03
  • 2003 Junior World Champion200m Relay Silver Medalist, 8th Place Overall
  • U.S. Junior Record Holder for 3000m and 1500m in 2002 (Still Standing)
  • 2006 Olympic Team Trials: 2nd Place 1500m and 100m Time Trial, 3rd Place Overall
  • 2006 Olympic Games: Bronze Medalist 500m Relay, 1500m Semifinalist, 12th Place Overall
  • 6-Time Wold Cup Team Mem, 7-Time Olympic Training Ctr Resident & Nat Race Team Member 2002-2008
  • 1929 Became Michigan Speed Boat Champ
  • 1930 Set National & International Speed Boat Records
  • 1930 National Speed Boat Champion
  • 1931 Set Six (6) World Hydroplane Speed Records
  • Born and Raised in Bay City, Michigan
  • 1st Woman to Fly Solo in an Airplane — James Clements Airport
  • Lifetime All-Sport Umpire, Referee (50 Years)
  • Charter Member Bay Metro Officials
  • 1991 Refereed State Final Football at Silverdome
  • Athletic Administrator at Visitation High School
  • Athletic Director at West Catholic Central
  • Taught Officiating at Delta College
  • Michigan ASA Softball Hall of Fame
  • Bay County Sports Hall of Fame, A & B Fastpitch Softball State Champ (2 Teams)
  • State Champs Fastpitch – 2 Times (Runner-Up 3 Times)
  • National Class A Championship — Lake Tahoe, CA
  • USAF All Star Fastpitch Softball Team, Chanute AFB
  • President Bay County Softball Association – 9 Years
  • 40 Years Competing in the Sport of Paddleball
  • 24 National Championship Titles (1989-2013)
  • Played in 16 Nation Open Singles Championships
  • Won 9, Lost 7 Career National Open Singles
  • #1 on List of Career National Open Singles Titles
  • 2013 NPA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • 1959 Regional Tennis Champ at BCC
  • Varsity Tennis at Vanderbilt University 1962-64
  • Collaborated With Billie Jean King on her Biography
  • Authored Books on Tennis & Stock Car Racing
  • Writer for Sports Illustrated
  • Deceased – 2011
  • Three Sport Standout at Pinconning High School
  • All Conference in Football, Basketball & Baseball
  • Team MVP & Leading Scorer – All 3 Sports – Senior Year
  • Volleyball Coach at Midland Dow 125-11
  • Volleyball Coach at Northwood University 264-102
  • Current President – Northwood University Texas Campus
  • Football Coach Bay City Central Since 1986
  • Saginaw Valley Championships 1996 & 2007
  • Class AA State Runner-up 1994 With 11-2 Record
  • Michigan Coach of the Year 1996
  • Inducted Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame 2012
  • 146-114 Record at Bay City Central
  • Earned 10 Varsity Letters at Bay City St. Joe’s 1959-63
  • VPL Football Scoring Leader 1962
  • VPL Football Scoring Leader 1963
  • All-State Football 1963
  • Attended Nebraska University on Football Scholarship 1964
  • Knick-Named ‘Freight Train’ at Nebraska
  • 35-Year Assistant Football Coach — John Glenn
  • Inducted Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame 2012
  • 8 White Pine Conference Championships
  • Inducted Central Michigan Hall of Fame 2012
  • 14 Straight Winning Seasons at John Glenn
  • Two-Time Fastpitch Softball Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Baseball Coach at Bay City Western Since 1993
  • State Champion Baseball 2013
  • Over 500 Wins as Baseball Head Coach
  • Teams Have Won 4 Saginaw Valley Titles
  • All-American Pitcher at CMU, 36 Wins, No-Hitter
  • Inducted CMU Hall of Fame 2000
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • President’s Award
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Bay City Handy High School Baseball
  • Saginaw Valley State University Baseball
  • Drafted by the SanFrancisco Giants 1994
  • Holds Home Run Career Record at SVSU — 26 HR’s
  • Posted 35-28 W/L Record as AAA Pitcher
  • Pitching Coach at CMU & Western Illinois
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Local Boxing Icon — 50 Years
  • Professional Boxing Coach
  • Golden Gloves Boxing Coach
  • Junior Olympic Coach – Jordan Wesphal
  • Coach: Murray Sutherland,
  • Coach: Brandon Arsenault
  • A.P & Detroit All-State Football 1953
  • Led Bay City Central to Class ‘A’ Valley Title in 1952
  • Thom McAnn Trophy Winner
  • All City, All Valley, All State & All-American Football 1953
  • Famous Statewide For Blocking Punts & Recovering Fumbles
  • Blocked One Punt & Three Extra Points in One Game Against Flint Northern — 1953
  • Father-Son Outboard Boat Racing Legends
  • Bay City River Roar Mainstays
  • National Outboard Boat Racing Champions
  • Crew Chief, Driver, Mechanic — Outboard Boat Racing
  • National Tunnel Boat Racing Champions
  • Member CMU Top Ten National Wrestling Teams — 1972-73
  • 28 Year Wrestling Coach – Pinconning
  • Coached 478 Team Match Wins
  • Coached 11 Conference Titles, 7 District Titles
  • Winningest Wrestling Coach in Bay County History
  • Top 10 Winningest Coaches in Michigan Wrestling History
  • President’s Award Winner
  • WBCM Radio Sports Announcer 1957-1987
  • The ‘Dean’ of Saginaw Valley Sports Broadcasting
  • Premier High School Football & Basketball Announcer
  • ‘The Voice’ of WBCM Sports Broadcasting for Three Decades
  • Three Sport Letterman at Bay City Handy
  • Drafted by Detroit Tigers 2002
  • Played in Detroit Tiger Organization — Bristol & Lakeland
  • Developed Baseball Program at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU)
  • Coached Baseball at Bay City Handy, & Bay City Central
  • Co-Founder Peak Performance Baseball
  • 1932 — Basketball — St. Mary’s
  • 1932 — Football – Two-way Player St. Mary’s
  • Amateur Baseball Player-Coach
  • 2nd Leading Scorer – City High School Basketball – 1932
  • Bay City Police Force — 32 Years
  • 1975 — Team Member Class ‘C’ All Saints State Champion Basketball
  • Named ‘Top 100’ By Parade Magazine 1976-77-78
  • Leading Scorer – Bay County — Three Years
  • College Career — West Virginia & Walsh College (Canton, Ohio)
  • Played Professional Basketball — Dublin, Ireland
  • Scored 57 Points in Game Against Sts. Peter-Paul
  • Organized First Amateur Baseball Leagues in Bay County

  • Manager of Local Baseball Teams For Over 25 Years

  • 1943 Monitor Coal – Manager – County Champs

  • 1945 Auburn Merchants – Manager – Federation Champs

  • 1952 St. Paul – Manager – American Legion Champs

  • Former President of Bay County Recreation
  • Bay City All Saints – 1996 Michigan’s Miss Softball
  • GVSU Single Season Records for HR (21), RBI (78) and Walks (40)
  • GVSU Career Records for HR (46), RBI (238), Walks (110) and Total Bases (445)
  • GLIAC Player of the Year 2000, 2nd Team All American – 1999, All Conference & All Region 1999 & 2000
  • 1st Team All American – 2000, GLIAC All-Academic Team 2000
  • GVSU 1999 & 2000 Co-Female Scholar – Athlete of the Year
  • Baseball – 25 Career No-hitters
  • Starting Pitcher on 1953 State Championship L.L. Team
  • Signed with Cleveland Indians. Played Minor League for 2 Years
  • Coached Little League, Pony, Colt & Stan Musial Baseball
  • Instrumental in Developing Baseball & Softball Complex for All Saints High School
  • Project Director in Developing the ‘The Stan Bromberg Sports Complex’  in the community
  • Bay City St. Mary All State Football 1958 – 1960
  • High School All American All Conference Basketball & Baseball
  • Hillsdale 1963 Football
  • Signed by Chicago Bears 1964
  • Pro Wrestling Career
  • Central 1995 Class A State Golf Champion
  • Central MHSAA Class A State Super Team
  • MSU – Captain of Spartan Golf Team – 4 Yr. Letter Winner; 3 Time Academic All Big Ten
  • U.S. Open – Qualified 4 Times
  • Michigan PGA’s Central Chapter – Player of the Year 3 Times
  • 2 Time Bay County Golf Champion
  • 2 Time Saginaw Valley League MVP
  • Regional Golden Gloves Boxing Champion 8 Times
  • Michigan Golden Gloves State Middleweight Champion 1962
  • Race Car Driver – Multiple All Points Champion at Tri-City Raceway (1960’s & 1970’s)
  • Popular Aggressive Competitor in ‘Toughman’ Boxing Events
  • President’s Award
  • Wrestling Coach 1968-1981 – Bay City Handy & Bay City Western
  • Career Record: 108 Wins, 22 Losses, 1 Draw
  • Eight Time Champion Saginaw Valley League
  • His Teams – Only One Dual Loss Between 1971-1975
  • All Saints Basketball & Softball – 3 Year Basketball Scoring, Record 890 pts. (1980-1984)
  • Eckerd College – Basketball 4 Yr. Starter. Team Captain 3 Yrs.
  • School Scoring, Record 1259 Pts.
  • G.T.E. All-American 1988
  • Inducted into Eckerd College Athletic Hall of Fame (First Woman Inducted)
  • Named Alabama High School Boy’s Basketball Coach of the Year, 3 years in a row
  • Director of Athletics Marion Military Institute; NJCAA Region
  • Read the Mlive article, here.
  • Delta College – Coached Basketball, Tennis & Golf
  • Athletic Director 33 Years
  • 1972 MCCAA Service Award
  • 1991 MCCAA Coach of the Year
  • 1999 MCCAA Distinguished Service Award
  • First President of MCCAA
  • Lettered in Football, Basketball at St. Joseph High School
  • Asst. Coach at St. Joseph HS – Including 1967 St. Joseph State Champion Football Team
  • Coached Football, Basketball & Track at St. Joseph Grade School – 30 Years
  • Many League Championship in Football & Basketball at St. Joseph
  • Manager at NELL LL – 20 Years with Mutiple League & County Championships
  • Board Member of NELL for 18 Years
  • Bay City St. Mary Football 1963-64-65
  • First Team All-State 3 years 1963-64-65
  • BC TIMES Gold Helmet Player of the Year 1965
  • Northwood University Two Time All American
  • Team Captain Jr. and Sr. Years at Northwood
  • Football Running Back *Petoskey HS *CMU *
  • Coaching Record *BC St. James HS *BC All Saints
  • *Undefeated (9-0) in 1972 *Overall Record 93-45-6
  • Win Total (93) Second only to Elmer Engel when he retired in 1977
  • BBC All State, Parade All American Football
  • Outstanding Baseball Player BCC .400 Batting Average Senior Year
  • State of MI HS Athlete of the Year – 1967
  • Football Scholarship at Michigan – 1968-1971
  • Played on 1969 U of M Big Ten Championship Team
  • Bay City All Saints Letterman Football, Basketball & Tennis
  • Tennis – State Champ Singles 1974
  • State Basketball Champs 1974
  • WMU Mid-American Doubles Champ 1976
  • WMU Mid-American Singles Champ 1978
  • All Time WMU Tennis Victories 144
  • Bay City Western High School Wrestling Stars 1976-1980
  • U of Michigan Stars *Scott – All American 1986 *Rick- Fastest Pin (15 sec) in U of M history
  • WCW Heavyweight Tag Team Champs (6 times)
  • WWF Heavyweight Tag Team Champs
  • IWJP Tag Team Champs
  • World Heavyweight Champion WCW, WWF
  • Handy HS-First Team in Baseketball & Baseball
  • MVP Michigan Coaches All Star Basketball Game
  • Played Baseball at Seminole JC, U of Hawaii & NE Oklahoma State
  • Third Team D1 Baseball All American at U of Hawaii
  • Played AA Baseball in the Atlanta Braves Organization
  • Coaches Youth Baseball & Basketball
  • Excelled in Swimming at Bay City Central and CMU
  • 50 & 100 Freestyle 1982 Qualified for D-1 Nationals in 50 & 100 Free
  • Holds 13 CMU Swim Records
  • Coached Boys Swimming at Garber & Handy
  • Inducted into the CMU Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Personal Trainer at Harrington Hill YMCA
  • Football & Wrestling Coach at Bay City Central
  • 4 Year Football Player at CMU
  • Coached Rick Czap to State Wrestling Championship 1961
  • Superintendent of Bay City Public Schools
  • Assistant Football Coach to Art Nixon & Elmer Engel During 37 Year Coaching, Teaching Career
  • Bay City Central – Athlete of The Year 1956
  • All State Quarterback, All Valley Point Guard, Standout Pole Vaulter
  • Member of 1957 National Championship Football Team at Michigan State
  • Long & Successful Coaching Career at Oak Park High School
  • Member of Oak Park (ILL) High School Hall of Fame 1998
  • Led Central High School in Basketball Scoring & Assists – 1956
  • Earned 13 Varsity Letters at CMU. Graduated 1940
  • Set CMU Single game & Career Basketball Scoring Records
  • Led CMU in Basketball scoring 3 Years
  • CMU Pole Vault Record Holder. Olympic Trials in Pole Vault
  • Inducted into CMU Sports Hall of Fame – Class of 1987
  • Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director & Counselor at Handy High School
  • Bay City Handy Football, Wrestling 1971-1975
  • Two Time Class A Golden Helmet Player of The Year 1973-1974
  • Two Time All Valley Fullback 1973-1974
  • All State Fullback-Linebacker 1974
  • Central Michigan University Football 1975
  • All Saints 1973 – 1st Team All State Basketball, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, U.P.I. & A.P.
  • Two Year Starter & Team Captain – Delta College
  • Two Year Letterman – Hillsdale College
  • Basketball Coaching: Bad Axe HS, Houston Baptist Univ., Jersey Shore Bucs, US Military Academy
  • 25 Consecutive Winning Seasons for Track at USMAPS
  • Author of many articles in Basketball Professional Publications
  • Boys & Girls Club, United Way, Civic Arena, Elks Club
  • Hall of Fame, Women’s Center, Lions Club
  • Chamber of Commerce, Bay Medical Foundation, Mich Petroleum
  • Major Philanthropic Spirit in Bay County
  • Player & President – Bay County Baseball Federation
  • Varsity Football Starter as an 8th Grader – Bay City St. Mary’s
  • Played in Football State Championship Game in 1926 – Bay City St. Mary’s
  • Basketball Catholic League All Star – Bay City St. Mary’s 1926 & 1927
  • Semi-Pro Baseball – 1930’s
  • Coached Bay City St. Mary’s Football State Finalists – 1931
  • Coached Bay City St. Mary’s Baseball State Champions – 1932
  • Four State Softball Championships (88,91,99,08)
  • 907 Softball Wins Through 2009
  • Five State Runner-up, 23 District & 13 Regional Titles
  • Two-Time State Coach of The Year
  • MHSAA Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Runner-up 2009 National Coach of The Year
  • All State Captain of 1978 State Champ Baseball Team
  • The driving force with husband, Bud, behind the very successful Bay City SW Little League
  • Over 42 Years SW Little League Volunteer as President, Player Agent & Board Member
  • Assistant Little League District 14 Administrator for 27 Years
  • T.L. Handy High School Pride Association Treasurer from inception until 1990
  • Recipient of 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Six Years Head Football Coach Pinconning High School – 37 Wins, 3 NEMC Titles
  • Ten Years Head Volleyball Coach Pinconning H.S. – 536 Wins, 9 NEMC, 10 District, 8 Regional Titles
  • MHSAA Volleyball State Champions 1992, Second Place 1989, Third Place 1988
  • Twelve Years Head Volleyball Coach Northwood University – 305 Wins, 3 GLIAC & 4 NAIA Titles
  • Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Class B Regional
  • Coach of The Year 1981
  • National High School Coaches Federation Michigan Coach of The Year 1992
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • BC Central HS Varsity Swimmer 1948-52
  • State HS Champion, 200 Yard Freestyle, State HS Championship, 200 Yard Freestyle
  • Two Event All-American – Junior Yr., Three Event All-American – Senior Yr.
  • Michigan State University Varsity,1952-56 – NCAA All-American
  • Recipient of Heusner Award Varsity 2006 by Michigan State
  • USMS National Champion, 86-times
  • Held Consecutive FINA World Records for 16 Yrs.
  • Football & Basketball Star Handy HS
  • Handy QB-All State 1970-71
  • U of M QB 1974-75
  • ‘Leather Neck’ Award US Marine Corps
  • 1971, Scholastic Magazine Football All-American, Senior year
  • Assistant Bay County Recreation – Director 1969-77
  • Bay County Recreation & Parks Director 1977-92
  • Procurement of Grants for Parks, Ball Field Complex, & Other Recreation Programs
  • Athlete at Bay City Central High School
  • Semi-Pro Football: Bay City All Stars & Bay City Blazers
  • 1971 Graduate Bay City Central – 1975 Graduate CMU
  • Member of 1976, 1977 State Champion Cubby’s Bar Fastpitch Softball
  • Coached over 50 High School Volleyball Invitational Tournament Victories
  • Combined 539-143 Volleyball Coaching Record with Nine District Titles & Three Regional Championships
  • Coached 1988 State Softball Championship Team at Bay City Handy
  • 1988 Class B Softball High School Coach of The Year
  • BCC High School: Basketball, Tennis 1954
  • Bay City Jr. College: Basketball, Tennis 1956
  • WMU ’59 BS Degree – CMU ’68 MA Degree
  • 43 Yrs. Officiating: Football, Basketball, Girl’s Softball & Volleyball
  • MHSAA Football State Finals 1988
  • MHSAA Softball State Finals 1985 and 1992
  • Coached St. Joseph 5 years 1956 Team Won 9 Lost 0
  • BCC Line Coach 1957-1972 – State Champs 1965, 1967, 1969, 1972
  • Bay City Central Basketball Coach District Champs 1975
  • Bay City Schools Administration , District Athletic Director
  • Elementary Principal, Director of Adult Education
  • Past President of Bay County Sports Hall of Fame
  • Athlete Bay City Central 1929-1931
  • Premier Fastpitch Softball Pitcher for 20 Years
  • 12 No Hitters, 5 Perfect Games
  • 4 City Softball Champions 1937, 43, 46 & 51
  • YMCA State Basketball Championship 1939
  • 4 City Basketball Championships
  • Pitched for Numerous Teams in The Tri-Cities & Around the State
  • All Saints High School Basketball 4 Years.
  • Varsity Spring Arbor College, Lettered for 4 Seasons, 3 Year Starter at Point Guard
  • Coaching Career: CMU, Army, Tenn Men, Northwood, SVSU
  • 1996-97 GLIAC Men’s Basketball Coach-of-the-Year
  • University of Tenn. Assistant Womens Coach With Back-to-Back
  • National Championship Teams ’07 ’08
  • Coached 6 NBA & 10 WNBA Draft Choices in 26 Years of College Coaching
  • Little League, Pony League, Colt League All Star Teams
  • American Legion Baseball League & District Champs
  • Drafted by Cleveland Indians Out of High School
  • Accepted Full Scholarship to Central Michigan University
  • Starting Pitcher for CMU 1967-70
  • Drafted by San Francisco Giants
  • Bay County Sports Hall of Fame Charter Member Secretary Since 1990
  • 1942 – Bay City Golden Gloves Champion
  • Boxed in the Grand Rapids State Tournament 1942
  • 1945 Co-Captain BCC Football Team
  • Honorable Saginaw Valley, Honorable Mention All-State Detroit Free Press
  • 1946 Michigan State Varsity Boxing Team
  • Past President of Bangor High Booster Club & Bangor Board of Education
  • All Saints Softball MVP
  • Delta College Softball All Conference, All State
  • Ferris State University Softball MVP, All-Conference, All State
  • Women’s State Fastpitch Class A Champions DeWyse Builders
  • Softball Coach, Coloma High School
  • Lieutenant, Michigan State Police Distinguished Service Award
  • Bay City Junior College Basketball, Swimming
  • Played Football at Western Michigan University
  • Graduate WMU in Physical Education, Science, Math
  • Coached Football Cadillac High School
  • Head Swimming Coach, Dean of Boys, Central High
  • State Meet Finishes 1949-52 – Highest in School History
  • Little League ‘Pony’ Federation Baseball
  • Pee Wee Jr. Sr. Mens Ice Hockey, Flag Football Mens Sr. League Bay City
  • Varsity Wrestling , Baseball T.L. Handy
  • Amateur Boxer 1957-68 Pro Boxer 1968-79.
  • Coached Boxing 1965-79. Started Jr. Olympics.
  • U.S.A. Boxing Coach 1977-78-79, Originator of Toughman Contest 1979, Pro Spar Partner
  • Operates Oswalds Bear Ranch Since 1984
  • Handy High School, Co-Captain, All City, All State Football – Honorable Mention All State Baseball
  • Played in Cincinnati Reds Farm Team
  • U.S. Air Force Baseball
  • Bay City Federation Baseball
  • Bay County Fastpitch Softball
  • Coached South West Little League, Pony League Baseball, Youth Hockey
  • 9 Varsity Letters – Track, Football, Basketball – St. Mary High
  • Valley Parochial, Regional Champion, Pole Vault, High Hurdles
  • State Champion, Pole Vault 1962
  • First Team VPL,, Associated Press All State Football
  • 4 Varsity Letters, Track, CMU, MVP 1965 & 1966
  • CMU Triple Jump Record Holder 8 Years
  • 1974 State Champs, All Saints Basketball
  • 1st Team All State Basketball
  • City Scoring Champ, Basketball 1974 – (20.5 ppg)
  • Honorable Mention All American
  • All Saints Leading Scorer All-time
  • McLennan Community College – Starting Point Guard
  • Master of Ceremonies Bay County Sports Hall of Fame 11 Years*
  • Master of the Sports-related Anecdote
  • Graduate Bay City Central
  • 2006 – Voted Earth’s Most Passionate Golfer
  • Jester, Jokester, Quipster, Punster & Toastmaster Supreme
  • 1st Bay City Woman to Bowl 300 Game
  • Played Semi-pro Fast Pitch Softball
  • 9 City Championship Bowling Teams. 1941-83
  • Bay City Women’s Bowling
  • First Team All Star Squad 1963-64 & 1964-65
  • Top Performer – Golf, Tennis, Basketball, & Volleyball
  • Varsity Baseball 3 years T.L. Handy (1956-59)
  • Golf Champion 2 years Tri-county Chamber of Commerce
  • Led Handy Golfers to State Finals
  • Basketball – All Time B.C.J.C. Scoring Leader 23.1 per game. High game score of 37 pts. (1959-61)
  • Basketball – Golf Scholarship Aquinas College (1961-63)
  • As Golf Team Captain, Led Ferris State to N.A.I.A. State Championship & on to N.A.I.A. Nationals
  • Starred in Basketball, Volleyball & Track – BC Central (1983-87)
  • All Region & Senior Woman Athlete of the Year 1987
  • Volleyball starter 4 years Northwood University (1987-1992)
  • Conference District, Regional Champs all 4 years
  • Played 4 National Tournaments, Top Ten 3 times
  • BC Handy Graduate (1971-75) Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • 1975 All State Class A Baseball
  • Alma College Baseball records hits, runs, bases, triples
  • Batting Average 1978 – 505
  • Four Years Varsity Basketball – Top Ten Alma field goal percentage
  • Honorable Mention All MIAA
  • All MIAA outfielder, 1978 MIAA League Champions
  • 1978 Career Leader Batting 415
  • Drafted by Kansas City Royals
  • Inducted into Alma College Hall of Fame 1994
  • Little League – 1970, Pony League – 1974, Connie Mack League – 1978
  • World Series Championships
  • B.C. All Saints 4 yr. Varsity Letterman
  • 22-3 pitching record, No-hitter final game (1976-1979)
  • 1978 State Champs, 1st Team All State 1979 9-0 recor
  • 3 yr Letterman, MVP Basketball
  • Central Michigan University (1980-1981
  • 3-year Letterman, 2 MAC Championships
  • Drafted by San Francisco Giants 1983
  • Played 3 years, Retired due to injury
  • Bay City American Legion & Bay County Federation Baseball Star
  • State Champion Pole Vaulter, MVP All Valley Halfback
  • City Scoring Leader B. C. Central 1952-56
  • Central Michigan University (1957-61) Football, Baseball
  • 3 Varsity Letters, Captain
  • Held stolen base record
  • Coach for Special Olympics, Area Director
  • Director Boys Club, Head Start Program, School Principal 25 yrs.
  • BC Handy 1952 Graduate – 11 Varsity Letters in Football, Baseball & Basketball
  • Made last basket in 37-36 win over BC Central as freshman in 1st Handy/Central Basketball game
  • Times First All-City Grid Team 1949 – Quarterback
  • Football Co-Captain 1951 – Arrowhead Conference Champs
  • Offer to play for Detroit Tiger farm team in Jamestown NY in 1952
  • Officiated High School Football & Basketball 15 Yrs.
  • Co-founder Bay City Little League (1951-52)
  • Co-founder Bay City Pony League
  • Coached American Legion Baseball (1936-61)
  • Coached Bay County’s only American Legion
  • State Baseball Champion (Kiwanis -1960)
  • Sports Broadcaster, WBCM Radio 25 years
  • President Bay County Softball Association 15 yrs.
  • State Softball Commissioner 12 years
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • The First BC Central High School 12 Varsity Letter Winner
  • Won 1st Team All Valley & Honorable Mention All State Honors
  • Named Athlete of the Year 1998
  • Four-year Letter Winner at MSU
  • Captain of the Volleyball Team at MSU
  • Won the Academic All Big Ten Athlete Award at MSU
  • Holder of indoor long jump & triple jump record at CMU
  • MAC indoor long jump champion
  • Coached women’s track and gymnastics
  • Presents track & field clinics for youth
  • Competes in the Goodwill Games at the National Level
  • In 1995 ranked 12th in the U.S. in the long jump
  • Founder – Bay County Sports Hall of Fame
  • First President – Bay County Sports Hall of Fame 1990
  • Founder – Green Hut Charities
  • Public School Teacher – 10 Years
  • Sports Bar/Tavern Owner and REC Team Sponsor 28 yrs.
  • Past President Michigan Licensed Beverage Assoc.
  • National Indoor and National Outdoor Champion 1975
  • North American Outdoor Champion 1976
  • U.S. National Speed Skating Team, 1979, 1980
  • Placed 14th in 1979 Junior World Championships , Grenoble, France
  • Placed in top 12 of U.S. World Team in all-around trials 1980
  • Received Evans Scholarship Award by Western Golf Assoc. to MSU
  • Selected Regional Coach of the Year 7 times
  • Selected State Coach of the Year twice
  • Garber won 7 regional championships under Harold
  • Selected for the MHSTeCa Hall of Fame in 1992
  • President of MHSTeCa in 1982
  • Bay City St. Marys – Football, Basketball
  • Member of the Bay City Times 1944 All City Parochial Basketball Team
  • Received a berth for 3 consecutive years BCT Team
  • Member of City League Champions Monitor Coal.
  • Signed by Tigers in 1944
  • Canadian – American Champion Team 1948
  • BC Central High School – Volleyball, Basketball & Softball
  • Captain & Catcher BCC Softball Team
  • Division 1 Softball Player at CMU
  • Projected All American Catcher at CMU
  • Named All District, All Region & All State
  • Died at the age of 20
  • Full time Athletic Director for Essexville/Hampton Schools
  • 1986 Regional Athletic Director of the Year
  • 1993 State Athletic Director Award of Merit
  • 1996 State Athletic Director of year, National H S Coaches Assoc. Athletic Director of Year
  • 1996 MHSSA Allen W. Bush Award
  • Received the coveted MHSAA Charles E. Forsythe Award in 1998
  • Won 12 Varsity Letters at Visitation High School
  • Hearst State All Star Baseball Tournament at Tiger Stadium in 1955
  • Quarterbacked the U of D football team 3 years
  • Catcher for U of D Baseball Team for 2 Years
  • Leading hitter in 1959 U of D
  • Played in the NCAA Baseball Tournament in 1959
  • 1994 BC Central High School Graduate
  • 1994 First Team All State Free Press Dream Team
  • 1994 Three-year Varsity Letter Winner – Football, Basketball
  • Unites States Air Force Academy Graduate
  • 1994 Two-year Varsity Letter Winner in Basketball
  • Played in the 1997 Las Vegas Bowl
  • 1980 Bay City Softball Player of the Year
  • 1985 ASA Fastpitch Softball All American
  • 2003 MASA Hall of Fame Inductee – Fastpitch
  • ASA State Champion Fastpitch Softball 1972, 1979, 1980,1981, 1983, 1994
  • Coach/Manager Midland Explorers 1999 to Present
  • Bay City Central High School – 1985-1989
  • Volleyball – 4 Years Varsity Team
  • 1989 Senior Woman Athlete of the Year Award
  • Western Michigan University – 1989-1993
  • Attended 1989 NCAA Volleyball Tournament
  • Attended 1991 Olympic Sports Festival
  • Garber High School Swimming Team
  • 1965 & 1967 State Champion High School All-American Team
  • 1968-71 Michigan State University Swimming Team
  • MSU 1968 Freshman Big Ten Champion – Top Academic Freshman
  • 1960 & 1961 State Champ – Bay City YMCA Swimming Team
  • 1961 Graduate Bay City St. James High School – 3 sport star (Basketball, Football & Baseball)
  • 1965 Graduate – University of Notre Dame
  • 1976-1984 Published Sports Page Magazine – Coverage of all sports in Bay County area.
  • Has served as President of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame since 1995
  • Mt Morris High School – All-State Football – 1963
  • University of Michigan Football – 1964-67
  • Football Coach Freeland High School – Playoffs 4 Times
  • Football Coach – Pinconning – Three-Time Regional Coach of the Year
  • Track Coach – Mt. Morris High School – Two-Time SVL Coach of the Year
  • St. Mary’s High School – 1957-1961
  • Football, Track, Basketball – 4 Years – All-State Basketball
  • Olivet College – 1961-1965 – Track, Cross Country – 4 Years – MVP – 1962
  • John Glenn High School – 1966-1995 – Teacher, Athletic Director, Coach
  • Michigan High School Regional Athletic Director of the Year – 1995
  • John Glenn – Bay County Girls Track Champs – 11 Years
  • Bay City Central High School Golf 1971-1975
  • University of Michigan Golf 1975-1979
  • Golf Coach – BC Central, Delta College, Pinconning H.S.
  • Bay County Golf Championship – 1979, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987
  • Bay City Central 1956-60 – Football, Baseball, Basketball
  • BCCentral 1960 – All-State 1st Team – Football
  • University of Michigan Graduate – 1965 – Full Football Scholarship
  • Bay City Public School Teacher – 32 Years
  • President of the Bay City Education Association – 12 Years
  • Bay City Central High School – 1950-1953
  • BCCentral Football – Co-Captain & 1952 Baseball Valley Champions
  • Central Michigan University – 1953-1957 –
  • CMU All-Conference Football (End) & Baseball (Catcher)Minor League Baseball Minnesota Twins – 1957
  • Minor League Baseball Minnesota Twins – 1957
  • Bay County Parks & Recreation Director 1992-94
  • Edenville High School – Graduated 1938 – Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
  • Softball Pitcher – 1941 – 2003 (601 Victories)
  • Pitched 4 No-Hitters – Softball 1941to1980
  • 1980 – Re-Hab Blooperball Tourney – Perfect Game – Named Tourney MVP
  • St. Maria Goretti/Bay View Bar – League Champs 1987, 88, 89
  • 1961 St. James – 1st team All-Valley Football 2 years.
  • City/County Football Scoring champ senior year (1961)
  • Football scholarship to Eastern Kentucky State University
  • JV Football Coach St. James High School
  • Head Varsity Football Coach All Saints 1982-2003
  • All Saints Athletic Director 1988-2003. Total 38 years high school football coach.
  • State Champion Swimmer – Bangor John Glenn
  • 200 and 500 Freestyle Champion – Jr & Sr Year
  • Collegiate Swim Champion – Old Dominion University
  • Most Decorated Swimmer in Old Dominion History
  • 4-Time MVP Swimmer at ODU
  • Bay City Western – All Saginaw Valley Basketball – 1991-94
  • 1st Team High School All State Basketball – 1992-94
  • Scored Over 2,000 Points in High School Career
  • Lead The Nation in 3-Point Shooting at Western Michigan – 1995-96
  • 5-Time City Golf Champ (’48, ’49, ’54, ’55 and ’57)
  • Bay City Central Golf Captain – 3 Years
  • Teamed With John Tews in 1948 to Defeat Hand/MacKenzie for City Golf Title
  • Initiated Golf Lesson Program – Essexville Schools
  • 41 Year Veteran Fastpitch Softball Pitching Career
  • Pitched Softball for the U.S Army – Kentucky, Washington, Korea
  • Played Organized Rec Softball in Bay City from 1950s thru 1980s
  • 1957 – BCJC – Cross Country Team Captain
  • 1958 – BCJC Track Team Captain and All Conference
  • CMU Cross Country and Track – 1959-1961
  • Founding Father of Bay Area Runners’ Club (BARC)
  • Founder – St. Pat’s Road Race
  • Michigan Open Singles Handball Champ – 1955
  • 7-Time YMCA Handball Champion Between 1950-1960
  • High School Basketball Referee – 40 Years
  • Halfback – Football – Bay City All Stars (Semi-Pro Football)
  • 1951 – Bay City Central Football – All Valley
  • 4-Time Letter Winner Football – Central Michigan University 1952-55
  • Played QB and Wide Receiver – CMU Football
  • Led CMU To 30-6-1 Record and 4 IIAC Football Titles
  • Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs & Houston Astros ML Baseball (1993-2000)
  • All Valley Baseball and Football at BC Western
  • Western Michigan – 3 Year Baseball All-American
  • Holds 8 WMU Baseball Records
  • 2 Year Member of Team USA Olympic Squad
  • State Champ – Heavyweight Wrestling
  • All-State Tackle in Football
  • 3 Year Defensive Starter – Nebraska Football
  • All Big 8 Defensive Tackle
  • Associated Press Lineman of the Week
  • Shot Put State Finalist
  • All Valley and All State Football 1969-70
  • BCC Wrestling Co-Captain 1970
  • Cheboygan Football Coach 1974-80
  • Football Coach Bay City Western – Vally Champ 1985
  • Football Coach – Saginaw High – State Champ in 1999
  • BCC Co-Athlete of the Year – 1969-70
  • AAA Baseball Texas League – 15 Years
  • 10 Time Texas League All-Star
  • .385 Season High Batting Average
  • Never Hit Below .320
  • Football – Central Michigan University
  • 37 Year Coaching Career
  • Michigan H.S. Asst Coach of the Year – 1992
  • Inducted Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame 1977
  • Coached at: Beaverton, Saginaw MacArthur
  • Coached at: Saginaw Eisenhower, Saginaw Heritage
  • 40 Year Career as Sports Official
  • Officiated in 4 State HS Football Finals
  • Officiated in 4 Boys/Girls HS Basketball Final
  • Officiated in State Final of Softball and Volleyball
  • Vern Norris Award for Sports Officiating
  • Inducted Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Handy High Saginaw Valley Champion – Baseball
  • Central Michigan University Baseball
  • 1st Team All-American at CMU
  • All Time CMU Best Season Batting Average – .441
  • Drafted by Detroit Tigers
  • Batted .500 in Rookie Season in Minor League Baseball
  • BC Handy Football, Baseball, Wrestling Letter Winner 1968-72
  • All State Football Senior Year – 6.9 Yards/Carry Average
  • Held Central Michigan Record for Tackles (128) Senior Year
  • Team Member – CMU National Champion Football
  • Team Member of CMU’s First MAC Team (8-1-2 Record)
  • Local Baseball Coach – Kawkawlin Youth, PONY and Colt Leagues
  • 2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist – Bobsledding
  • 2-Time National Bobsled Champion
  • All State Pole Vaulter – John Glenn
  • All-County, All Conference Football – John Glenn
  • Purdue University Central Collegiate Champion
  • Pole Vault Coach – University of Louisville
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • 1946-47 — 6 Letter Winner at Bay City Central
  • 5 Year Standout Halfback with Bay City All Stars
  • Basketball – All State & All Valley Honors
  • 3 Sport Coach at Bay City St Mary’s – District Titles
  • 20 Year Coaching Career – St Stans, St James, St Joes
  • St Stans AC Basketball Standout – Guard
  • 1957-61 – Saint Stanislaus (Stags) 3-Sport Standout
  • 4 Yr Shortstop at Central Michigan University
  • 12-2 Record as Pitcher at CMU – Senior Year
  • Inducted Into CMU Athletic Hall of Fame
  • 1967 – Drafted by Major League Baseball – Chicago Cubs
  • Played with St Louis Cards & San Diego Padres
  • Bay City Central Football – End – 1950s
  • Pole Vaulter
  • 1st Michigan-Born Pole Vaulter to jump 14′ with Bamboo Pole
  • ‘Greatest Pole Vaulter In CMU History’
  • Died in Car Accident (Age 26) in 1960
  • CMU Graduate – 1990
  • Softball, BCC Catcher, 1st Team All State 1984
  • 1st Team All-MAC, Softball, CMU Senior Yr
  • Inducted CMU Athletics HOF 5/12/2000
  • 1990 – Softball – 2nd Team NCAA Div II All American
  • Teacher/Coach Bay City Central
  • NPA – Paddleball State & National Champion
  • NPA Earl Riskey Award Winner
  • National Paddleball HOF Inductee — Ann Arbor
  • Organized City-wide High School & Jr High Paddleball Tourney
  • 1990 State & National Singles & 1990, 2004 National Doubles Champion
  • 1999, 2001, 2006 & 2007 Men’s Masters Division Doubles Champ
  • Handy Coach – Basketball, Football, Golf & Wrestling
  • Western High – Basketball, Football, Golf & Wrestling
  • University of Maryland – All American Football & Lacross
  • Boxing Champ – Southern Conference — 1947
  • State of Michigan Golf & Wrestling Official
  • Passed Away in 2000
  • Football – Bay City Handy – Defensive End
  • All Conference & All State Senior Yr at Handy
  • Detroit Free Press Dream Team
  • 4 Year Letterman at Michigan State
  • Academic All Big 10 at MSU Two Yrs
  • Michigan College Scholar/Athlete 1988
  • Bay City All Saints Football1969-73
  • 1973 — First Team All-State
  • 1973 — All Saints Most Valuable Player
  • 1973 – Bay City Times’ Player of the Year
  • Alma College – All Conference 1975, 76, 77
  • Alma Football Most Valuable Player 1976 & 1977
  • 3-Sport Star at BC Western (Football, Basketball, Baseball)
  • Football Golden Helmet Winner 1974-75
  • 3-Year Varsity Basketball at Western
  • U of M Baseball Full Scholarship
  • 1978 Regional & National Baseball Champion at U of M
  • Fast-pitch Softball – Bay City Mariners
  • ** Died in 1994
  • Free Style Swimmer BCC – 1947-48
  • Outstanding Swimmer Bay City JC – 1950-5
  • All-American JC Swim Team – 1951 (4 Events)
  • Varsity Swim Team Michigan State University
  • Warden at Jackson (MI) Prison
  • ** Died in 1977
  • NFL Football, NY Jets, Cleveland Browns
  • Grand Valley State Football
  • GLIAC Football Champion 1977
  • NAIA All-American First Team
  • All Great Lakes Conference 1977
  • BCC All-Valley Football – 1974-75
  • U.S. Naval Academy 1976-1980
  • Captain of Navy Football Team – 1979
  • Winner of Navy’s Cook Memorial Award
  • Navy Football Coach
  • 4 Years U.S. Navy – Naval P3 Pilot
  • BC Handy All Conference Football 1958-59
  • All-State Honorable Mention – Football – 1958-59
  • Central Michigan – All Conference Wrestling 1960
  • Wrestling Coach – Bay City Central
  • Wrestling Coach Bay City Handy
  • Michigan Wrestling Hall of Fame 1993
  • USA AAU All-American Boxing Team
  • USA Olympic Boxing Team 1977-1980
  • Olympic National Middleweight Champion
  • 4-Time State Golden Gloves Champion
  • 4-Time State AAU Middleweight Champion
  • 1979 Amateur Athlete of the Year – Bay County
  • 4-Year Varsity Golf – BCC
  • State Golf Champion 1974
  • BCC Golf Team Captain — 1974
  • U of M Varsity Golf 1974-1979 (Captain 1979)
  • Playboy All-Mid America Golf Team – 1978
  • Illinois PGA Golf Pro of the Year 1993 & 1996
  • Bay City Central High School 1951-1955
    9 Varsity Letters
  • All-City, All-Valley, State Honorable Mention
  • Valley Football Scoring Leader
  • CMU Track Relays Champion
  • BCC Football Half-back 1953-55
    BCC Athlete of the Year — 1955
  • Michigan State University Football Scholarship
  • Women’s Fastpitch Softball in the 1960’s & 70’s
  • Class C Amelith Softball State Champion – Pitcher, Shortstop
  • Field Hockey – Valparaiso University
  • Bay County Women’s Golf Champion
  • 1st Woman to Officiate State Championship Basketball Game
  • ** Died in 1979
  • Information coming soon!
  • East Jordan HS Graduate –
    1955 (Baseball, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Track)
  • 1955 MHSAA State Singles Tennis Champion
  • Alma College 1955-57 (Basketball, Tennis)
  • Central Michigan University 1957-59 (Tennis Singles # 1)
  • 40 Years Swimming & Tennis Coach
    (419 Swim Meet Wins) (Handy, John Glenn, Western)
  • MISCA HOF 1989
    MHSCA HOF 1998
    MHSTeA HOF 2001
    John Glenn H.S HOF 2011
  • High School All-American in United States Jr. National Track & Field Championships – 1988
  • Co-Holders of the Golden Helmet Award
  • Northwood University – Full Football Scholarship
  • Dan: NAIA Academic Collegiate All-American – Junior Year
  • David: Voted Most Valuable Player and Field Performer at the Midland Graves Relay
  • David – The Only Bay County Athlete to Ever Win This Award
  • 1937 Valley Champion Baseball Team. Pitched Three No-Hitters – Two in Succession
  • Detroit Tigers – 1939 – 1940
  • Jonesboro, Arkansas – 1941 – 1942 Lead Batting Average: 410
  • Chicago White Sox – 1942 – 1943
  • World War II All-Major League Team ‘Navy Wings’
  • Chicago White Sox 1945 – 1946
  • 1972 All State Dream Team (Football) – Bay City Central
  • Saginaw Valley Most Valuable Player 1972 — Coach’s Choice
  • Albion College Grad — 1976 — 1st Team All MIAA
  • Albion College Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Captain 1972 BCC Undefeated Championship Football Team
  • Class A Golden Helmet Award 1972
  • Bay City St. Mary’s 1960-64
  • Basketball All State, All American, All Conference (1962-64)
  • Boston College Basketball 1966-69 (3 Varsity Letters)
  • 2 NCAA Basketball Tournaments, 1 NIT Tourney
  • John Glenn High School Coach (12 Yrs Varsity Basketball) (22 Yrs Varsity Football)
  • Handy High School 1949 Grad — 14 Varsity Letters (Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track & Swimming)
  • Quarterback for BC Handy in 26-0 Win over Bay City Central (1948)
  • Catcher/Pitcher Kiwanis Club Baseball 1947
  • Pole Vaulter, Track Relay Runner & Swim Team Diver
  • BCC Football Letter Winner 1962-63 (All Conference 1963)
  • AP/UPI/Detroit News All State (Football)
  • Michigan State Football Letter Winner 1965-66
  • All Big 10 1965, Rose Bowl Starter 1966
  • John Glenn High School Coach, Football, Track, Cross-Country, Basketball
  • Football Tackle & Linebacker – 1960 – 1961 Elected Most Valuable Player
  • 1st Team All Valley – 1st Team All-State
  • Earned Fully Tendered Football Scholarship – University of Michigan
  • Played in University of Michigan’s Big 10 Football Championship Team – 1964
  • Played in University of Michigan’s 34 – 7 Rose Bowl Victory over Oregon State 1965
  • Three-Time Boston Marathon Runner
  • Bay City Central 1960-64 / Football, Wrestling, Tennis
  • Earned Full Football Scholarship to U of Missouri
  • Missouri – 1964-68 / Football & Wrestling
  • 1966 Sugar Bowl Starter – Offensive Guard
  • 1966 Sugar Bowl – Bell Trophy Winner
  • 15 Yr Wrestling Coach – BCC – 3 Conference Championships
  • Bay City All Saints 1972-75 / Basketball
  • Member 1974 & 1975 All Saints State Basketball Champoinship teams
  • First Team – All State – Football & Basketball
  • Career Scoring Mark – 1,108 Points (Basketball)
  • Starting/Winning Pitcher – 1970 Colt Baseball State Championship Game
  • Coached 1981 AS Baseball Team to State Title
  • Graduated TC St. Francis HS – CMU – University of Michigan
  • Football Coach – Essexville Garber – 32 Seasons
  • 25 Year Head Coach Football Record 142-84-2
  • 11 Conference Championships – 4 Playoff Appearences
  • 2 Undefeated Seasons
  • 1990 Michigan Football Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Bay City Central
  • 1935 – 1st Bay City Boxer to Claim State Golden Goves Championship
  • 1935 – Won NE Michigan Novice Middleweight Championship
  • 1936 – Open NE MIchigan Boxing Champion
  • 1936 – State of Michigan – Open Middleweight Champion
  • One of Bay City’s Most Popular Athletes of the 1930s
  • Bay City Central 1926-30
  • Football – Halfback – 2 State Champion Teams
  • Captain of the 1928 All State Team
  • Captain – Central HS Basketball
  • Michigan State – 1930-34 – 3 Varsity Letters
  • Football Coach – Royal Oak – State Champion
  • Bay City Central Football 1930-31 /Back-to-Back Undefeated Seasons
  • U of Detroit Football 1933-34 (Gus Dorais)
  • Played 74 Games in 10 Yr Pro Football Career (12 Teams)
  • Star Player for Undefeated LA Bulldogs – Champion 1937
  • Passed for 5 TDs for Providence Steamrollers – Last Game
  • Star Softball Player for Joe Lewis Team )Brown Bombers)
  • Bay City All Saints – 1981
  • 8-Time Mi State Speed Skating Champ
  • 1975 National Speed Skating Champion
  • Boxing Lightweight Champion of the World 1896-1899
  • Born in Bay City, Mi – December 6, 1869
  • Elected to Michigan Sports Hall of Fame
  • ‘Pound for pound, one of the greatest fighters who ever lived’
  • Defeated Dick Burge (British) to win World LW Title
  • Defeated ‘Giant Killer
  • Graduated BC Central 1968 – Football, Wrestling, Track
  • 1967-68 Class ‘A’ Football Champions ‘Athlete of the Year’
  • CMU Graduate – Magna Cum Laude
  • 1972-1997 Teacher/Football Coach John Glenn HS (143-42)
  • AP Class ‘A’ Coach of the Year 1979 & 1986
  • 8 White Pine Titles, 6 Undefeated Seasons
  • Bay City Handy 1959-1962 Football
  • All Valley, All State, All American 1962 – Football (End)
  • University of Michigan Football 1964-66 / 3 Yr Letterman
  • 1963 – Outstanding Freshman U of M – John Maulbausch Award
  • 1965-66 Academic All Big 10 & Yost Award Winner for All Around Student-Athlete
  • Member 1965 Rose Bowl & Big 10 Champion Football Team
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • Bay City Western High School – 1978 Michigan State Finals – 3rd Place
  • 1979-1983 Central Michigan University NCAA All-American, Most Valuable Wrestler, 108 Career Wins
  • USA Wrestling — 11-Plus State Championships
  • USA Wrestling — 12 Year All-American
  • 1983 USA National Champion
  • 1985 Olympic Festival Gold Medal Winner
  • Central High School Football All-Valley, All-State, All-American, Bay City Times MVP
  • 1956-1957 Central High School Valley Baseball Champions
  • 1958-1960 U of M Football All-American, Honorable Mention, 1961 Big Ten Champions
  • Detroit Tigers Minor League System – 1961
  • Outstanding Baseball Player – Pitcher and Centerfielder Noted for Long Ball Hitting
  • Tried Out With the Detroit Tigers
  • Played Triple-A Baseball
  • Played City Federation Baseball with Gulf Oil, Bay City Police Dept. & West Side Wenonas
  • 1927-1932 – Head Coach, Bay City Eastern Jr. High School
  • Men’s Athletic Director, Bay City Junior College
  • 1932-1941 – Central High School Assistant Coach: Football and Basketball
  • 1932-1941 – Central High School Head Coach: Swimming, Tennis, Golf
  • 1942-1967 — First Full Time Bay City/County Recreation Director for Multiple Sports
  • BC Western – 1977-80 – Track – Set 1 Mile Run & 220 Yard School Record
  • 1980 – 1st Team All State Class ‘A’
  • Michigan State Basketball – All Big 10
  • 1989-97 California Police Olympics
  • World Police & Fire Games 1600 Meter Relay Record
  • 1993 L.A.P.D. Open ‘Athlete of the Year’
  • 1990 Won World Powerlifting Championships – Pescara, Italy
  • 1991 – Set World Record Bench Press (Age/Weight)
  • 1991 – Set Michigan Powerlifting Record (Age 50 & Over)
  • 1992 – Stone, England – Won World Powerlifting Championship
  • Holds Many Powerlifting World Titles
  • Coached Handy High School Baseball Team to 1987 State Championship
  • Coached Handy High School Baseball Team to 8 Saginaw Valley League Championships
  • 1975 Class A Coach of the Year
  • 1988 – Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 1997 – Reached 500 Career Wins in Varsity Boys + Girls Basketball
  • Central High School 1951 – Football All-State Class A Quarterback – High School All-American
  • MSU Football – 1955 Rose Bowl Team
  • 1956 – Professional Football – Canadian Toronto Argonauts
  • 1957-1977 – High School Football Coach – 112-65-2 Record
  • Bay County Golf Champion – 1968, 1971, 1982, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • 1967 – Junior Chamber of Commerce State Champ – 15-16 Age Division
  • 1968 – PGA Qualifier – Buick Open – 16 Years Old
  • 1969 — Michigan Public Links 36 Hole Qualifier Medalist – 17 Years Old
  • JCC – Many Local and Regional Titles
  • Information coming soon!
  • Information coming soon!
  • John Glenn High School – 10 Varsity Letters
  • Western High School Track Coach – 13 City Titles
  • Western High School Track Coach – 8 County Titles
  • 4-Time SVL Coach of the Year
  • Albion College Football & Track
  • 1st Place 11 Times Port Huron-to-Mackinaw
  • 1st Place 1987 Port Huron-to-Chicago
  • 1st Place 1985 Monaco-to-New York
  • 7-Time North American DN Ice Boat Champion
  • 4-Time World DN Ice Boat Champion
  • Won Great Cup of Siberia Race – Russia – 1989
  • Bay City All Saints State Baseball Champion – 1981

  • 3-Year Letter Winner at Oral Roberts University

  • USA Pre-Olympic Baseball 1983 Interational Cup Games

  • New York Yankees 1st Round Draft Pick – 1984

  • New York Mets 1985-1990

  • Kansas City Royals 1991-1995
  • Central Michigan University Track Records – NAIA Indoor Champion – 3-Time League Champion
  • John Glenn Track Coach 1969-1984 – White Pine Conference Champs & Bay County Boys Track Titles
  • 16 All-Americans – Men
  • 13 All-Americans – Women
  • SVSU Track Coach 1985 – Present
  • 1950 – All-City Football – Handy
  • 1st Team – Detroit News Baseball
  • County Federation Batting Champ
  • Flint NW – Baseball Coach – State Champs
  • Inducted Michigan Baseball Coaches HOF
  • All-Sports Standout at Bay City Central High School
  • Football Coach – Bay City All Stars 1947-1951
  • Champions 1950 & 1951
  • Played on the 1929 Bay City Central High School Undefeated Football Team – Record: 7-0-2
  • 1st Woman Coach of Boys’ Hockey Team in the U.S. and Canada – The Bangor Bruins
  • Head of Bangor Recreation Department 30-Plus Years
  • Founder of First Bangor Booster Club
  • 1st Woman Elected to Bangor School Board
  • Received State of Michigan House of Representatives Resolution of Tribute – 1982
  • 48-Year Sanctioned ABC Bowler
  • Seven 300 Games
  • Bay City Men’s City Tournament Champion 8 Times
  • Merit Award Recipient
  • Bay City Bowling Hall of Fame 1983 Inductee
  • Pioneered Bay City Central High School Girls’ Athletic Program
  • Varsity Softball Coach – 1970-Present
  • 500-Plus Varsity Softball Victories – 1976 State Championship
  • 1995 Michigan High School Softball Coaches Assn. Hall of Fame Inductee
  • First Team All-State Class A Quarterback Bay City Central High School 1952
  • University of Michigan Quarterback 1954-1955
  • Mid-Michigan Class B Football Coach of the Year 1969
  • 10 All-Class State Softball Championships as Pitcher 1951-1984
  • Named to First Bay City Bowling Hall of Fame 1981
  • Held Bay City Women’s Bowling High Average 24 Years
  • City Championship Softball Teams 1934-1939
  • City Tennis Champion 1938
  • City Women’s Golf Champion 1955 & 1957
  • Central Michigan University Track, Football, Gymnastics All-American 1939
  • 20-Year Bay City Central High School Head Coach – Track
  • 27-Year Assistant Football Coach – 5 Class A State Championships
  • 1988 CMU Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Bay City Central High School 3-Year Varsity Basketball & Track All-State Basketball; State High Jump Champion
  • University of Michigan 3-Year Letterman Basketball & Track; Big 10 and NCAA High Jump Champion All-American 1953
  • Bay City Central High School Track – State, Valley, Regional Champion – State Record Holder – Most Valuable Performer
  • Central Michigan University Track – Conference Champion 100 & 60 Yards Record Conference – Most Valuable Performer
  • Co-Founder Bay County Speed Skating Club
  • Coached Bay City Skaters to State, National, North American & Olympic Championships
  • U.S. International Skating Association Board Member
  • Elected to American Skating Union Hall of Fame in 1992
  • Designer, Builder of 56 Unlimited Hydroplanes
  • Designer, Builder, Driver of America’s First Jet Powered Boat
  • Builder of World’s Fastest Propeller Driven Boat
  • Member Hydroplane Hall of Fame
  • Bay City Central High School 1942-1945 – First Team All-State Football 1945
  • Michigan State University 1946-1949 – Football Varsity Letter
  • Delta College Athletic Director, Basketball Coach 1956 – Present
  • MCCAA Athletic Director of the Year – 1991
  • Bay City St. Joseph High School 1948-1952
  • University of Colorado 1952-1957 Football
  • Head Coach St. Joseph High School 1959-1963 – Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • Detroit Lions 1957
  • Bay City St. James – Football 1921-1924
  • Georgetown University Football All-American 1926
  • “Father” of Bay City Parochial High School Football
  • Central Michigan University Coach 1918-1921 – Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • Bay City Central High School Coach – Football
  • High School Football State Champion – 1924
  • Four-time Saginaw Valley Champion
  • Bay City Central High School 1954-1957 – Football, Track
  • All-State Football Bay City Central High School – 1956
  • State Track Champion 100-Yard Dash – Bay City Central High School 1956
  • ports Editor – Bay City Times 1948-1984
  • Bay City Central High School Graduate 1938
  • Introduced High School Football “Golden Helmet” Award
  • Past President Michigan Sports Editors Association
  • Bay City Central High School 1954-1957 All-American – Football; All-State – Baseball
  • University of Michigan 1958-1961 – Football, Baseball
  • Head Coach, Assistant Coach – Football, Baseball – Saginaw Valley High Schools 1963-Present
  • Bay City St. Mary’s High School 1929-1932 – Basketball
  • First Team All-Catholic Basketball – 1931 & 1932
  • Bay City St. Mary’s High School State Basketball Champion – 1931 & 1932
  • WBCM/WXOX Sports Radio 1940-1966
  • Bay County Parks & Recreation Director 1967-1977
  • Co-Founder Bay City Little League Program
  • Dynamic Force Behind Procurement of Grants for Bay County Swimming Pool and other Parks & Recreation Programs
  • American Legion Baseball Promoter & Coach 1960-1983
  • American Legion “Man of the Year” 1980
  • A Lifetime of Devotion and Fund-raising for American Legion Baseball
  • Football Coach 129-45-6; 3 Undefeated Seasons; 8 Northwestern League Titles
  • Member High School Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Football
  • Bay City Central High School All-State First Team – 1958
  • Michigan State University Most Valuable Lineman 1960-1962
  • National Football League – Cleveland Browns, New York Giants
  • Bay City T.L. Handy High School Football 1965-1968; First Team All Valley 1968
  • University of Nebraska Football 1968-1973; National Champion 1970-1971
  • Nebraska Career Record Football – Tight End Most Passes Caught
  • Fastpitch Softball Pitcher – State Champion – Class C; House of Fogerty
  • State Champion – Class B; Larry’s Bar – 1971
  • State Champion – Class B; Made Rite – 1972
  • 80 No-hit Games
  • Football
  • Bay City T.L. Handy High School – Class A State Champs 1961
  • University of Nebraska – All-American 1966 & 1967
  • National Football League – Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings
  • NCAA Hall of Fame
  • Bay City T.L. Handy High School – MVP Softball 1972-1974; MVP Basketball 1971-1974
  • Central Michigan University – Sports Hall of Fame Inductee 1992
  • United States Olympic Team – Field Hockey 1978
  • Football First Team All-State & All-Valley
  • Basketball First Team All-State; Season Leading Scorer
  • Track First Team All-State Shot Put
  • Major League Baseball
  • World Series Champion
  • Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee
  • High School Basketball Coach – 545 Career Victories
  • Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Bay City Central High School – Football
  • University of Detroit – Football
  • Michigan Outstanding Amateur Athlete University of Detroit
  • Tennis – 3-year Letterman
  • NCAA Tennis Champion – University of Michigan
  • NEM Singles Champion 19 Consecutive Years
  • Sports Medicine – Bay City Public Schools
  • Athletic Trainer – Bay City Central High School
  • Softball Pitcher – City & State Championships
  • First Sanctioned 700 Series – Bay City Women’s Bowling
  • High School All-American – Football
  • Purdue University – Football
  • National Football League – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Bay City Central High School – Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • Michigan State University Football
  • Football Coach Central State University
  • Inducted into Central State University Hall of Fame
  • Bay City Central High School – Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • Professional Basketball Player – Detroit Vagabond Kings
  • Bay City Central High School Football Coach 1950-972
  • Record: 165 wins; 34 losses; 8 ties
  • Football NFL All-Pro End
  • Chicago Bears – 1932-36
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 1937-1939
  • Phil-Pitt – 1943
  • Women’s Softball Pitcher
  • Michigan Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Baseball “Lynch the Pinch”
  • National League Pinch-hit Home Run Record Holder
  • USA Olympic Speed Skater
  • Gold Medal – 1964
  • Silver Medal – 1968
  • Golf
  • U of M Big 10 Champion
  • State Champion

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